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Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

Amiga, US Gold 1995

Depending on chipset and RAM, experience differs.

Regardless of tech jargon, both smell strongly of SNES.

ECS (A3000, A600, A500+ or A2000)

Things start promising as Ryu unleashes famous fireball.

Just for a laugh, Ken’s equivalent is red.

No bonus stages, horrible colours and tiny sprites have minimal animation.

Zero speech, occasional squawk for sound effects and very weak music.

Looking on the bright side, stages have correct music for each.

If that sounds stupid, you obviously haven't played The World Warrior...

Static backgrounds can look pretty nice and strangely - they bothered to light up segregated areas in Vegas.

7 discs?

That’s right - 7 BASTARD DISCS.

To be fair, extreme swapping is a vast improvement over hideous OCS predecessor.

AGA (A4000, A1200 or CD32)

First off, intro has gone.

Visuals are probably better and synthed music (again matching whatever frozen stage), is more likable.

Some specials have speech and perversely, you get a choice of speed settings.

6 button pad support is obviously a Brucie and performing full install apparently prevented less crashing and glitching.

On Amiga at least, it's the best version by a country kilometre.

DOS, Eurocom 1996

This IS the SNES port on CD, with ‘Round whatever’ and ‘Fight’.

MIDI themes suck, but sources tell me 6 button pad eased the pain.

Mega Drive, 1994

Fun fact.

At 40 megs, this was said machine's largest cart.

To recap, SNES equivalent counted 32.

So is bigger necessarily better?

No smart remarks girls…

Ha ha ha!

Appropriately, this is personal (between Nintendo and Sega).

Speech is muffled, music suffers greatly and limited palette seals the deal of garish complexion.

However, 'Round whatever' and 'Fight' is an audible consolation.


As expected, their best isn't quite good enough.


Chickens don't cluck and bicycle bell doesn't ring throughout round.


Do clouds scroll?



Dee Jay

Solitary guitarist plays in band stand and musicians refuse to move.

Torch’s glow doesn't cast reflection on audience or stone structure.


Lake doesn't twinkle and flames flash rather than dance.


Fewer signs are lit, but Nin Nin Hall replaces the bizarre situation of Goldwin.

Both girls wear sea green clobber and shoes, (rather than red and blue), and signs above either Casino hoarding are on the blink.


Intensity of yellow lanterns above crowd and wall lamps against green brick are meek in comparison.

Matador adjacent to bull rang in sick and flamenco dancers wear not pink, but yellow.

For whatever reason, they possess more co-ordination when celebrating.

Sign above horned beast only glows after round's end.


Was host venue trying to save electricity?

In SNES, limited colours constantly cycled through.


When covering SNES, my bitching was fairly brief.

From the very beginning, Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to have everybody 'destroy', and not 'kill'.

Also, splat behind VS is actually red and defeated portraits feature blood.


Ryu's scrolling face, Gorbachev's close-up, Blanka's anklet and Dhalsim taking 3 year elephant ride are reinstated.

Opening screens of Dee JayBalrog* and Vega imitate arcade.

Although Iron Mike still counts cash without babes.

*Winning quote: "My fists have your blood on them."


"Get up you wimp."


Whilst munching meal in final screen, he's surrounded by four friends.


Bison says:

"Go ahead, kill me quickly."

Jane pleads:

"Please dear.  Killing Bison won't bring Charlie back."

After 'Please dear etc etc', arcade adds:

"It will simply make you a murderer just like Bison."

**Winning quote: "Are you man enough to fight with me?"


"Are you bad enough to fight with me?"



All her shit is said beforehand entirely in separate screen at father's grave.

Blood appears in either decision,

***Arcade's blurb about Bison's drug ring was cut.


(To Bison).

"All I remember is that you set me up and tried to kill me.  But only succeeded in scarring my face!"

(Bison to Cammy).

"I had feelings for you! I did not try to kill you!"

T. Hawk

(While staring over desolate plain of homeland).

"But he feels his sacred blood boiling deep within his heart."


"But he feels his blood boiling deep within his heart."

Why? I repeat WHY did Nintendo remove 'sacred'?


X68000, 1994

Nearly, but not quite arcade perfect.

A la Champion Edition, box housed specifically made adaptor.

Yamaha YM2151 chip fails to match Q Sound originals, but everything else sparkles.


T. Hawk

Large crowd behind feather headdresses are immobile.


Clouds scroll with more jerk.


Lake doesn’t twinkle.

FM Towns, 1994

Before diving in, let's talk about PC variant's curious name.

FM stands for Fujitsu Micro, as this was far from their first product and interestingly, ‘Towns’ refers to Nobel Prize winning American physicist Charles Townes.

Released in 1993, the FM Towns Marty was the world’s first 32-bit CD console with built-in disk drive.

Where does Marty originate from?

No idea.

Endeavouring to recoup poor sales, they brought out FM Towns Marty 2, but cheaper sequel had no extra horsepower.

Marty games were backwards compatible, but this and Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shodown in North America and Europe) are exceptions, because both required 4MB of RAM.

To clarify, Marty had 2MB and slower processor.

Now you're fully clued up, time to analyse the lazy and great.

Fancy altering your fave character's hair, clothes etc?

If so, 'Color Edit’ is bound to excite and can't be found in any other.

The debut of Arranged soundtrack is best described as enjoying a bag of Revels.

Everybody has their favourites.

Hey, it's okay to admire such a profound statement.

Depending on personal taste, arcade's Q Sound can be turned on.

In regards to audio, overall effect is ruined because:

a) Themes don't begin until Round X and Fight are spoken;
b) Music ceases immediately after You Win or You Lose; and
c) No danger themes.


Animation includes backing off, so automatically kicks console ass.

Settings are fantastic, but allergic to parallax.

Tut fucking tut.

Frustratingly, I am only able to pick the bones out of a few countries.


Sky doesn’t scroll.

Answers on a confused postcard.


Dude with shades sat on crate is frozen in time.  Woman wearing shades on far right doesn’t move leg and foot.  Lady with guy on trolley is static.


Six elephants refuse to trumpet or shake a trunk.

T. Hawk

Everybody present, but not a great deal of onlookers move.

I imagine the rest are missing numerous bits and bobs, but...

Seeking out X68000's adaptor or purchasing Fujitsu’s own six button controller broadens flexibility.

Next time, the speed of Super Turbo's gauge will be dissected.

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