Monday, 20 June 2016

Unfriended - Lost in Translation

Not to be confused with Simon Verhoeven's 2016 version Friend Request, Leo Gabriadze's teen slasher literally contains a few typos.

Much is down to pure laziness, but hey ho.

In no particular order.

Im more than willing tocommunicate with the dead, but apostrophe and not tapping space bar prevents me from doing so.
When 'its' is used in the wrong context - its really fucking annoying.
See what I mean.
Transpose 'ahd' (twice) and you get...
los eit, stopp and plszz.
Stop it, before I lose it, pls.
Girlfriends come and go but 'girlfirens' stay forever.
Faggot is a well known derogatory term for a gay man in North America.
I guess 'faggut' must be a distant cousin.
'Dont' you know sentence should end with ?
More so, 'didn't' is written correctly.
Make up your fucking mind.
lclass lastweek week.
And to cap shit off, its wrong AGAIN.
Yeah, it's so fucked up.

Next time u want to 'lagh' at someone at least do it to their face.
Notice which vowel is missing?
U sorry (redacted).
Pls, please or pleesee, what takes your text speak fancy?
Hopefully, not the latter.
Hey 'its' laura barns...
i'm sorry 'ive' been mean 2u.

Fantastic inconsistency.
Laura Barns tags herself as billiee227.

That would be cooler than your average cucumber, but... example shows, billie227 in every other situation.
Features of similar excitement will return.

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