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A tasty panini of video game miscellany that mix nicely with others. Ud 23/10/13

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs or pets of whatever type, the wait is finally over.

This is sure to surpass the original and will clearly blow it from the ocean.

Please relax and indulge with a cacophony of personality and intrigue.

At the time, the horror maestro scored a hat-trick of zombie munching mayhem...
Wow, scroll back to 1984 and your search for the Wheel of Wisdom.  Of course it's nothing to do with the undead but just at this.  Face? Bothered?  Not really.

Gary Oldman's pill-popping, Beethoven obsessed crooked DEA cop Stansfield, produces acting that's so over the top, it's wonderful.  "Benny, bring me everyone."  What do you mean, everyone?"  "EVERYONE!"

I'm not embarrassed to admit that the climax brought a lump to my throat.

Regardless, is this an incredible steal of a 70's Japanese comic?  I'd be interested in what answer Luc Besson would give if challenged.

Although there were others before, this 1983 film adaptation is the most famous.

Here is a selection of video games based on the emotionless assassin.

A strange game on an even stranger console, the SG-1000.

From Sega, to the Nintendo
Although not mentioned here, this was subbed Top Secret Episode.
This was followed by a sequel.

That shot of Golgo is pretty cool...

Meet Snake, hired by oil king Leonard Dawson to rub out Golgo 13. 
The name's Snake, Solid Snake.
Apart from the above insect, there are two other types of note...

This is Val Lehman portraying 'Queen Bea' Smith in classic Australian soap Prisoner.  For the reboot, Danielle Cormack stars as Bea and Wentworth Prison is surprisingly good. 
I steamroll on.
Let's all not meet up at a disco in the year 2000.
Random, so random but so relevant.
Chances are we might be stars, and shine forever.


Neil Young - Hawks & Doves
Apart from generalising, my point is now sharper than the end of a knife.

SNK's Garou: Mark of the Wolves had a new look Terry and also replaced Geese with Terry's protege Rock.  Anyway, Tel and Rock wore a similar design on their jackets...

A modest combo of generalising video game sleeve art.

This is Quintet's Actraiser 2 on SNES.  While mooching about in Stormrook, you stumble across this 'brown' background.
Battletoads on the NES.  I mean seriously, what the FUCK? 
This nuke from The King of Fighters 2001 should be fairly famous.  Hmmm, this looks very similar to something that went before.
Test subject Tetsuo Shima had quite an ordeal in Akira.  It's rather amazing that this 1988 film adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's anime was on a far smaller scale.  It's baffling how they got away with this shit and takes plagiarism to a higher floor.
I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing a sick prank and still don't know.  Anyway, this poster for Series 3 of the smash hit Sky show is surely an 'accidental' representation of some unknown musical by Victor Hugo?

Anger?  I'll give you more than that.  How about rage, right up the booty.
Link didn't become cute until 2002 but wow, Level-5 never stole from Miyamoto's 1986 design? Oh my tummy, of course not.

I pick further rabbits out of the hat.

The posture, oh the posture boys and girls...  I love it, I really do.  The former got away with it, until now.

I like the way that Quintet made practically no attempt to make the sprite in Actraiser look different in the 'Rastan' section...

No it can't be, surely not, er Godzilla?  An incredible exploitation of a mad monster used in The Revenge of Shinobi.  Solicitor on speed dial perhaps?
Archangel Samael.
Due to multiple endings, you have to do what's necessary for him to become the final challenge in Konami's original 1999 psychological nightmare Silent Hill.
Bykhee is the end boss in Irem's rather dark 'R-Type time-out' 1989 shmup X-Multiply.
In order to progress in Atlus's Somer Assault on PC Engine, you have to defeat The Master of each round.  Considering this boss is called Nrocirpac, try saying that sober, let alone drunk.  Incidentally, you play a bullet spewing slinky in the quest to defeat a sorceress.  Er, okay.

Casting Samael aside, we should confidently suggest that Bykhee and Nrocirpac reek heavily of Baphomet.
Pyramid Head?
Well that's I thought.

There is definitely something about these two retro pieces.

Look at the pseudo V shape.
A strange resemblance?
Please observe this image, you have 20 seconds to comply.  I fear for the reboot, I really do.  However, it has to be an obligatory watch. 

It inspired a few pixels...

Turrican II, Factor 5 (Amiga)
Axelay, Konami (SNES)
Cyber-Lip, SNK (Neo Geo)
Don't be afraid, Robert Englund only exists in our dreams...
His girlfriend is surely a little young for him.

Now for another anomaly.

I nearly gave this the benefit of the doubt but decided against it.

One thing's for sure, the video game was released after the horror classic... 

Look at Skull Mountain in the beginning of Castlevania IV.
I'm surely mad for thinking I can link it to this.
In Data East's Diet Go Go, you had to encourage obesity.  In today's society, that would go down really well and probably be banned.  I really wish I was joking...  This scientist geezer looks a bit concerned.
Dr. Muckly turns out to be insane in SNK's fruity Nam 1975.
Both share hairy intent with Sonic's arch enemy...

Dr. Eggman, aka Robotnik.

If this was a music game okay, but as it isn't, I have no choice to turn Mr. Mean.  Just Imagine what John Lennon would think.

In a bizarre turn of events, it looks near identical to the psychedelic art used in The Beatles 1 album, released in 2000.
To wrap up, I end with this. 
Part of the intro to Quintet's RPG, Illusion of Gaia. 
The choice was made to feature another cranium for this album art. 
Garou is back and with it, Grant's stage.  Hello, what's that in the middle?
You know what they say, things can only get better.

Until we shake hands again...

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