Saturday, 13 April 2013

DVD Deja vu, it's nothing personal - Scene 8 Ud 18/04/13

I sense withdrawal symptoms (and that's just from me), so I just have to give you more.

Well it wouldn't be much of a post if I didn't deliver would it?

So from a place where the stars begin and end, I bring you this uplifting compilation of treacherous treats.

I begin with shape...

I gave video games Orcs Must Die and Duke Nukem the benefit of parody but I can't extend the same courtesy here.

Could the positioning be any more blatant?

Generalisation is a beautiful thing...

What about the biohazard symbol in the first two?  Brilliant right?

Spooky girls are clearly favoured over angelic types...

Okay, apart from been rip offs, just look at the mug shots...  Identical right?

Next we have five chubby digits.

Abandoned and Wrong Turn 4 falls under the same idea and the former is a rip off of the latter.  Weird shit. 

Now embarrassment becomes a profit, and you can take that to the bank.  Just for shits and giggles, I include original controversy.

Pretty good so far but this is better than scoring more than three lottery balls...

Nazi Dawn and Death Ship clearly rip off the fairly original and entertaining hokum Ghost Ship but Harpoon manages to outdo both using a harpoon to form a boat.  Even if it is a rip off, it's pretty clever.

'I Spit On Your Innovation'.

Is anything safe from by observant eye?  I guess that's a negative.

How the fuck did they believe that they could get away with nicking an iconic image from one of the most famous war films of all time and expect to pass it off as their own?  Wow, these assholes had balls.

Now if things couldn't smell any worse.

Ha ha, someone's just took a dump in the wrong place and I'm not tidying it up.

Now the copious compendium of calamity concludes with a stare (to the ground). 

The mind can boggle, more than the fingers can toggle.

Have I finished yet Batman?
Yes Robin, but only for now.
Thank flap for that, I thought it was over.
Well it's not, so tool up and meet me in the bat cave.
What for?  Has Gotham become a laughing matter again?
Thankfully no, we need to prepare more blueprints for the next.
Oh goodie gumdrops, I'm looking forward to it already.
Take it easy kid, remember what Echo & the Bunnymen said.
I know, I know - Nothing Lasts Forever.

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