Sunday, 25 September 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby - The scoop and digest

Sharon Maguire returns as director in what's described as being an alternative version of latest novel Mad About the Boy.

Renée Zellweger - Bridget
Colin Firth - Mark Darcy
Patrick Dempsey - Jack Qwant
Sarah Solemani - Miranda
Emma Thompson - Dr. Rawlings
Neil Pearson - Richard Finch
Sally Phillips - Shazza
James Callis - Tom
Jim Broadbent - Mr. Jones
Gemma Jones - Mrs. Jones

43 years young, Miss Jones has quit smoking, swapped diary for iPad, and remains a lonely, single spinster.

Following a plane crash, publishing playboy Daniel Cleaver is presumed dead.

Hard News friend Miranda suggests Bridge needs a shafting.  A good old-fashioned lying on your back thinking of England bonk.

At Ed Sheeran concert, algorithm tycoon Jack unsheathes sword and duly obliges.

Returning home, she also sleeps with old flame Darcy.

If neither soldier was dressed for the occasion, that could mean...

But whose bun is cooking in her oven?

Bridge takes Darcy and Jack out for dinner and drops bombshell.

Jack takes the news pretty well but Mark walks out upset.


For ballsing up interview, heartbeat of news network is sacked for gross incompetence.

After outgoing speech, Lily Allen's Fuck You is more than appropriate.

Darcy finds an exhausted and desperate Bridget locked out of her flat and breaks in.

Soon after, waters break and farcical journey to hospital is not without mishaps.

She gives birth to a healthy boy and before paternity test, Mark and Jack wish each other luck.

One year later, Bridge and Darcy are married and their son is named William.

A newspaper headline confirms Cleaver is alive.

While original reigns supreme, this smashes Beeban Kindron's terrible sequel.

Maguire doesn't overindulge on slapstick and intermittent drama pluck emotional heartstrings.

Dempsey and Firth exude chemistry and thanks to screenplay by Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer and Emma Thompson (also enjoying sarcastic fun as obstetrician), most of the best laughs come from Solemani's sexy news presenter Miranda.

Sequence of delivering expectant mother contains several giggles.

Together with Up Where We Belong, Darcy struggles to carry Bridge, completing obvious reference to An Officer and a Gentlemen.

Both men join forces and get stuck in hospital door, eventually dumping her on reception desk.

Trust me - face will be far from straight.

Speaking of which...

It's obvious she's had work done, so what's the point in saying otherwise?

Regardless, we couldn't imagine anybody else playing ditzy heroine.

Barring something remarkable, we bid farewell to a screen icon.

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