Friday, 2 September 2016

The Purge: Election Year - The scoop and digest

Set in 2025 (two years after Anarchy), James DeMonaco once again writes and directs 12 hour killing spree.

Frank Grillo - Leo Barnes
Elizabeth Mitchell - Senator Charlie Roan
Mykelti Williamson - Joe
Edwin Hodge - Dante Bishop
Joseph Julian Soria - Marcos

18 years after seeing her family slaughtered, Charlie Roan is campaigning to make the Purge illegal.

Outlandish claims that annual occasion is designed to line rich pockets and eliminate the poor ruffles NFFA feathers.

Knowing she's gaining ground on Presidential candidate Minister Edwidge Owens, NFFA chief Caleb Warrens aims to use the Purge to do a little 'spring cleaning'.

With Purge night fast approaching, customary warning message informs for the first time, nobody's exempt (including government officials).

This of course is an excuse to kill Roan.

Following altercation with teenage shoplifter, shop owner Joe is told his Purge insurance has rocketed which forces him to protect business against inevitable looters.

He wants to play the lone tough guy, but friend Marcos isn't having any of it.

Former police sergeant Leo Barnes now heads security for Roan and shortly after Purge night commences, NFFA put their diabolical plan into action by sending Neo-Nazi Earl Danzinger's team to assassinate Roan.

Barnes is shot, but bomb in Roan's house blows up several troops.

And so the chase across the hostile streets of Washington D.C. begins.

They're eventually surprised by what the press dub 'murder tourists'.

Joe and Marcos recuse asses and take them to Joe's Deli.

Unpleasant teenagers from earlier return to exact candy bar revenge.

Luckily, Joe's associates Laney and Dawn turn up in their ambulance and shoot gang dead.

Good timing, right?

As place is already badly damaged, they leave to find pastures safer.

Danzinger's helicopter opens fire on ambulance and kills the already wounded Rondo, but how did extremist know of their location?

Maybe it's because bullet embedded inside Barnes contained a tracking device.

For some reason, this reminds me of Quaid's 'bug' in Total Recall (1990).

The group find a safe zone underneath a hospital where anti-Purge rebels protect and heal those lucky enough to survive.

Resistance leader Dante Bishop, aka 'The Stranger' joins forces.

Is name compiled from 'Dante' Alighieri and Lance Henriksen's android 'Bishop'?


Disregarding piece of shit 2011 remake, Roddy McDowall's vampire killer in Fright Night (1985) was named after horror legends 'Peter' Cushing and 'Vincent' Price.

Now where was I?

Roan discovers the rebels are plotting to rub out Owens, but wants to win the election fairly and not make a martyr out of rival.

Death squad vans force a swift exit and after ambulance is rammed, Danzinger kidnaps Roan.

Senator wakes at a cathedral where she is due to be cleansed at NFFA ritual.

For the amusement of fanatical audience, 'religious' figure Harmon James murders a random drug addict.

Before Warrens can slit Roan's throat, Marcos becomes sniper and most are killed in resulting firefight.

Bishop is goaded by Owens to execute him but is persuaded otherwise.

Danzinger kills Bishop which prompts a melee face off between him and Barnes.

No prizes for guessing the outcome...

James comes out of hiding and engages in a Mexican standoff with Joe.

Before dying, Joe urges Roan to win and asks for his shop to be looked after.

Jesus Christ.  Somebody pass me a bucket.

Two months later, Roan secures a landslide victory and first order of business will be to eradicate the Purge.

Just before credits roll, audio reports reveal NFFA supporters have reacted angrily to result, hinting at a fourth film.

Congratulations James DeMonaco.

You've nearly ruined your own franchise.

If I wanted politics shoved down my throat - I'd attend a fucking council meeting or watch Question Time.

When script isn't boring, Joe's assortment of racial jokes are tedious and irritating.

On a positive note, imagery and masked assailants can be sporadically vivid.

In conclusion, it's okay and worth watching, but enough is enough.

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