Thursday, 8 September 2016

Sausage Party - The scoop and digest

The film every kid wants to see is out of bounds.

I wonder why?

Seth Rogen - Frank
Kristen Wiig - Brenda
Michael Cera - Barry
Jonah Hill - Carl
James Franco - Druggie
Edward Norton - Sammy Bagel
Salma Hayek - Teresa del Taco
Paul Rudd - Darren (Shopwell's Manager)
Nick Kroll - Douche

Groceries filling Shopwell's supermarket shelves see humans as gods and hope freshness is worthy enough for 'the great beyond'.

En route to till, Honey Mustard informs sausage Frank and hot dog bun girlfriend Brenda that paradise is all made of bullshit.

Following trolley fallout, Mustard is 'killed' and Douche vows revenge on Frank for bending his nozzle.

Going separate ways, Frank seeks out Firewater's non-perishable crew and at Mexican bar, Brenda attracts the attention of lesbian taco Teresa.

To Frank's horror, Firewater informs gods actually eat purchased products and he conjured up yarn to make death easier for when reaper comes knocking on food's door.

Best make refrigerated haste.

Unlike buddies, another sausage Barry manages to escape hungry captor and once experiencing outside world, scrambles inside junkie's carrier bag.

Our resident freak shoots up bath salts and trippy voyage brings food to life.

During which, Stephen Hawking-esque mound of Gum joins the gang.

Barry escapes consumption and following accident with meat cleaver, junkie is decapitated

Cookbook exposes monstrous truth and page is taken to garnish factual pudding.

Barry reveals humans can be communicated with and killed when high, so shoppers are blasted with toothpicks laced with mood altering substance.

Douche shoves nozzle uncomfortably up Darren's ass and goes on the rampage.

Master and puppet are blown up when launched in the sky and with nothing better to do, all concerned get very friendly.

I honestly couldn't stop laughing.

Revisiting alcohol, Frank and Sammy are shocked to discover cartoon characters are animated by tech wizards and voiced by celebrities.

They enter Gum's dimension portal as food hopes to find their creators.


For the most part, Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan's foul-mouthed Pixar spoof is jaw-achingly funny.

Packed with superb profanity and explicit sexual innuendo, Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg must've had a great time writing screenplay.

Highlights include:

"They're eating children.  Fucking children."

Brenda taunts Frank with her 'tight' hole and he'd be amazed at what she can fit up there.

Etc etc.

You'd be forgiven for thinking concept would be thicker than pig shit, but raunchy satire has something Oz's Scarecrow never had - a brain.

Although Wiig does a pretty decent job, Elizabeth Banks should've been cast as leading lady.

Maybe she wasn't interested?

Movie refs

Saving Private Ryan

Just after Honey Mustard dies, flour-covered floor recreates haze of Omaha Beach.

Potato chips represent bullets and environment echoes.

Gulliver's Travels

Human is tied down by strawberry liquorice.

Top Gun

Frank and Brenda snog pays homage to Maverick potting Charlie's pink.

Pineapple Express

Frank smokes weed with non-perishables.

(Coughs and splutters).


"Fuck me, right?"

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Darren blows a hole in Gum and 'liquid metal' body reforms.


Meat Loaf performs mega hit I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) and towards the end, an interpretation of album cover Bat Out of Hell rocks up.

One more thing.

Name another film to boast a talking condom?


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