Thursday, 15 September 2016

Don't Breathe - The scoop and digest

Fede Alvarez follows up Evil Dead reboot with home invasion horror.

Jane Levy - Rocky
Stephen Lang - The Blind Man
Dylan Minnette - Alex
Daniel Zovatto - Money

Three petty thieves get wind of six-figure fortune stashed within a blind Gulf war veteran's house.

Just in case anybody cares, grenade splinter deprived him of sight.

Piece of cake, right?

Chickens shouldn't be counted...

After forcing entry, noise inadvertently awakes apparently helpless host.

Money delays squeezing trigger and soon regrets moment of hesitation.

Rocky watches Blind Man enter safe combination (2978) and takes her opportunity.

Director was born on 9 February 1978, confirming code isn't random.

After game of cat and mouse, woman is found gagged and restrained in home-made padded cell who via newspaper article, is revealed to be his daughter's killer.

Maybe it's time to get the fuck out.

Girl is mistakenly killed in crossfire and enrages antagonist.

Loyal woof woof forces Alex to make haste and intruder is 'killed' with garden shears.

Warning.  Incoming plot twist.

Blind Man artificially inseminated killer's daughter so offspring could replace his child.

"A man can do anything after he accepts there is no God."

Or something to that effect.

Before turkey baster can be used, Alex swings weapon and leaves antagonist handcuffed to wall.

Restraints don't hold him for long and Alex is shot dead, but Rocky makes swift exit.

Four-legged friend is eventually trapped inside car boot but guess who's knocked sparko and dragged back to derelict home?

Rocky sets off alarm and exploits disorientation by battering him with crowbar.

$300K richer, Rocky prepares to realise Californian dream with kid brother Diddy and before boarding train, news report confirms Blind Man survived and kept schtum about Rocky and stolen money.

Complemented by intelligent moments of uncomfortable silence, Alvarez creates a tension-filled atmosphere.

Lang steals the show, but Levy doesn't exactly let us down with another great performance.

As for Zovatto, it was the right decision to kill gangster idiot off quickly.

It may be down to mistreatment, upbringing etc, but there are bad apples in every breed of dog, but Rottweilers are apparently quite friendly.

On the big screen, The Omen painted a very different picture and here, the ferocity of three (Athos, Astor and Nomad) are absolutely terrifying.

Hats off to trainers.

Although perfectly safe, I bet actors still shat themselves.

Other famous movie pooches include Hooch, Cujo and even sickeningly cute Labrador from Marley & Me.

Speaking of ultimate St. Bernard (Beethoven need not apply), beast trapping Levy inside car may have been nicked (or inspired), by Lewis Teague's 1983 adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

As we go around in 'circles', Rocky attacking Blind Man with melee weapon is identical in principle to Predators.

Err, what the?

Lang and Schwarzenegger's Terminator are different animals, but providing you're referring to 1984 original, they share nearly the same amount of dialogue; as Arnie and lethal Blind Man boast fourteen and about thirteen lines respectively.

For all its positives, plausible situation aggravates.

While handcuffed and helpless, why not take opportunity to inflict more 'permanent' damage on baddie?

After knocking Rocky out, why wasn't dog freed for extra insurance?

Ending sucks ass because he survives, but doesn't spoil things.

Roll on his next project.

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