Sunday, 18 September 2016

Video games Lost in Translation - Refreshed

Great greetings, its certainly preasure from pinnacle of heart.

Frosh targets dangling from nearest destiny must be vanguished or mouse and minerals face exstinction.

Hesitate with not option gave, so move alone and endure free doom.

Alcatraz (Amiga)
Mission is a total sucess?
I c double, but that's just the drink talking.
Back to the Future (MSX)
Completing all rounds rewards with a splendid technic special bonus.
Thank you 'form' Pony Inc. and programmer M.I.
Great Scott! This is heavy.
Cyberlip (Neo Geo)
'I have just been evilly reprogrammed' is pure poetry and no, I am not insain.
Double Dragon (Neo Geo)
Billy apologises for beating the shit of Marian by asking 'are your hurt babe?'
What a total bastard.
Empire City: 1931 (Arcade)
And you must kill him (the boss) at a shot.
Thanks for the advice, but I'll devise my own strategy.
Legionnaire (Arcade)
I didn't believe the force of four could rise up to fight, untill now. 
Mobile Suit Gundam: EX Revue (Arcade)
There's 'is' a problem here, but Lala shall understand. 
Operation Wolf (C64)
I don't care what any asshole says, missiom is the new mission.
Savage (Spectrum)
Did you do it properly??

No, I was a chicken, cheated and did it propely.
Sorcer Striker (Arcade)
You're and your are commonly misused in everyday life, but not so sure splitting 'worth' and 'while' happens that often.

Now look what you've done, my happy face has turned angry.
The Godfather (Amiga)
Hold the fucking front page.
Judge threatend in trial uproar.
Like that's never happened before...
The Real Ghostbusters (Arcade)
Legal bumf states a 'dlvision' of CPT Holdings.
If you thought division was a word, think again.
For the record, insert coin was based on animated television spin-off show of same name.
Fight Fever (Neo Geo)
Believe me, a little 'improvment' in skill is the least of this fucking game's problems.
Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special (Neo Geo)
Hard to spot, but there it is, bold as 'palce'.
Galaxy Fight (Neo Geo)

Army.  Be All You Can Bee.
I think mistake has a bit of a sting in its tail.
After beating secret boss Rouwe with any male character, ending message uses 'his', so females Roomi and Juri should obviously be 'her' and not har.
Mystic Warriors (Arcade)

Before conquring the world, evil ninja troops need to 'conquer' English.
The 'SKULL' enterprise is overwhelming the world and action must be taken before enornous cult is formed.
Clearly influenced by Out Run and Space Harrier, Taito's scaling shooter Night Striker has six possible endings.

In full.

Route P

The blast from the explosion filled in the factory (er okay), resulting in further big explosion.
'Producting' weapons necessary for 'terrorizm'?
If that wasn't bad enough, shit ain't done yet, as destruction of fire turning the night sky red stayed 'burnning' endlessly.
Route Q

Motal combat and neal power?
Both can kiss my sweet ass.
'No and body' need to be together and because of context, become should be 'became'.
Route R

Terrorizm aside, this 'compleltely' fucks up near the end.
No spelling mistakes, but I'd suggest 'thought' should be pluralised.
Route S

With no firepower for attacking the enemy, 'he' player must adopt a bodily crash by setting in the auto-pilot.
Enemy base has changed to organization center but bodily crash was able to destroy the super computer.  However, player lost a big thing and 'fare well' to my machine.
Nonsense? Absolutely.
Route T

No wonder missile thailer Fire Cracker got defeated, as everybody knows missile 'trailers' are far more durable.
Terrorizm? There's that word 'again'.
Forced or not to make such a weapon - damn you doctor.
Route U

After player destroyed submarine 'Dragon Head', he intended to go for 'descuting' the doctor's 'doughter' and found a boat 'drafting' about at the mercy of the waves.
Where to (laughs) fucking begin?
We assume wonderful word is something along the lines of 'rescuing', especially since final sentence speaks of caught daughter (yeah), should be in that boat.
Oh, floating objects such as this are regularly seen 'drafting' about and only a simpleton would dare to suggest they actually drift.
Attention all escaping convicts.  Wait for a chance of an ungarded moment.
Let me guess? It was very good.
When Bonfire Night comes around, l'll make bastard sure fine works will be displayed in the night sky as a sign of peace when all strategies have succeeded.
Sure family and friends will think I'm fucking nuts, but that's a small price to pay.
The Punisher (Arcade)

Its and it's have a lot to answer for...
What's wrong with the world today?
There's not enough evel left on the earth to fight.
What was Namco's Finest Hour?

Well definitely not 1989 run and gun mech arcade.

This was odd, with a capital O.

I shouldn't complain, because broken bollocks is hilarious.

Starting with:

You gained over the factory of monster weapon "Gelphaust
The mission has completed.
1st strike has finished with successfully complete.
But you can hear the sound of gunfire at the front line.
To be continue on 2nd strike.
Yep, you have to finish forgotten monstrosity 'twice' for true ending.

Just for a giggle, 29 July 3010 is on a Sunday.
Two years made me go home again.
Now the fun really begins.

In the removal spaceship, all talked happily how they are going to use the big money they've got.
Did anybody earn any cash?
But at the time when getting down to 'mother planet', all went 'silence' at the thought of 'there' family and friends.
You can't be silent at their balls up.
Basically, with foot feeling ground instigated oral examination and people waving hands.
Never mind, at least eyes catching brilliant shooting star is some consolation.
This is the moment (in gaming) I long waited for.
Looking our future in wealth and fame, we plunge into the war.
I want to freeze this moment for a while than any food or beer.
Oh my days.  Ha ha ha ha ha!
Even if anything made sense, since when the fuck did anybody 'preserve' beer?
Traffic is a different beast, but walking against the flow of pedestrians is surely impossible?
Turning round now and then, holding hand to the sun makes sensation a little bit stronger.
What the FUCK is she talking about?
Programed and...

This is apparently 'their' and your Finest Hour.
Don't go crazy trying to find an explanation, because there isn't one.
Turgets breached, univarse dead and world parted rainbow.

Excelent job general, I couldn't make enviromnent stank better myself.

Until breathe mustered before today can be find.

"Forewell !!?"

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