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A marvellous assortment of links with ice cube hi-jinks

Top of whatever part of the day it is to you all.

You remember many moons ago that I started using links in features of variety?

Of course you do and thanks for all your interest in those.

I was going to continue using these but instead chose to store as I didn’t want to stereotype myself as a link machine.

After a huge amount of varieties later, I am now exploding with a plethora of more of the same.

Audio, vision and an open mind is needed to appreciate much and most so please be my guest to enter the ultimate video information guide.

Music, video games, films, cock ups, funnies and so much more crazy shit is all here for you to digest.

There is no knowledge that is not power.

Like all my features, this is 100 per cent original.

Youtube is the only resource I’m guilty of using and I haven’t once relied on either a forum or asked Google for help...

It will range from the famous, the downright obscure and things that are just so fantastic, it can’t be anything more than incredulous.

There are many video game rip offs I will feature that may have either been forgotten or not even realised.

This is my purely my opinion, I take no credit for the creation of any video and kudos goes to those who took the time to make these available.

However, I do take credit for description and the way I’ve been able to chain stuff together.

For your convenience, I have listed all the time prompts so you won’t miss a thing.

This is one man, speaking for the world.

If the videos are no longer available, this is something I obviously have no control over.

I hope each cube will be bacon for breakfast, beans on toast for dinner, chicken chow mein for tea or cereal for supper.

This particular cube has been left on the side and we'll see how long it will take to melt.

Turn on the concentration button and charge that attention battery because here we go.

Listen to a very brief gun sound bite from the classic 1989 Amiga game Shadow of the Beast at any point during this level.

Now the pulse rifle sound from the 1986 Cameron classic Aliens.

R-Type Delta ending music drums is clearly nicked from the theme of 2001 (17m 23s to 17m 29s)

Same thing with Aicom’s Pulstar - 1m 8s to 1m 15s

Then listen to 2001 theme from 14s until 19s.

Here is an awful voice fuck up from the brilliant Gradius V on PS2, largely developed by Treasure.

Listen at 7m 44s when the text flashes up with “I guess I’ve got no choice”

Err, the ‘speech’ clearly states at 7m 46s-47s “I guess I have no choice.”

This is surely a famous piece of spoken Engrish from Magneto in the classic 1992 X-Men arcade.

It’s amazing that Konami just allowed it as it’s impossible not to notice.

We continue the trend with Konami’s Bucky O’Hare.  Here’s the vid.

You can expect the speech to be different from the text.

The intro ‘bucks’ the trend from 45s to 1m 05s.

Listen as it makes up various words including ‘the’, ‘mysterious’, ‘space pirate’, ‘baboon’ and ‘genius’...

Continue to 8m 34s with ‘a’ instead of ‘the’.

However, Taito’s 1987 lightgun monster Operation Wolf tops it all as this game frequently forgets and fucks up.

Just follow my prompts.

It starts almost immediately from 1m to 1m05s.

What happened to ‘rescue hostages’?

Between 2m 24s and 2m 30s, what happened to ‘and’?

Then Taito decide to make it up so listen from 7m 07s to 7m 10s.

Where did ‘damages’ come from?

Listen very carefully from 8m 34s to 8m 40s, I shall make you aware of this only once.

It really does say “The raid on the powdered magazine was successful.”

I needn’t quote what it really should say...

We’re nearly there now as at 13m 42s to 13m 44s they just miss out ‘a’.

This is an odd choice by Konami and defies explanation.  This is the vid for The Simpsons Arcade

At the end of Stage 3, you have to fight some bouncers from Moe’s Tavern.

At 12m 58s they clearly state “Where do you think you’re going?”  That’s obviously fine.

Later on though at 39m 20s, the end boss Mr Burns spouts the same shit, in exactly the same voice and does so after each robotic change.


Listen to the music in Denaris from 6m 30 to 7m 45s.  Let’s not get into why it’s called Katakis in this vid and not Denaris as I’ve already been through that.

Anyway, this is the theme from 80s action flick The Delta Force starring Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin.

Hmm…. stolen or coincidence?

Here’s a very funny graphical cock up in the brilliant Uncharted 3 of all things.  Forward until 2m 3s.

So Drake’s face really is made of rubber.

Watch a boss from Konami’s Pardoius on the SNES at various points from 17m 17s to 17m 42s and how it ‘shoots’ its only attack....

That is just wrong on all levels.

This is The Turning by the thieving machine that is Oasis.

Listen to Cliff Richard’s Devil Woman.

Fighter’s History by Data East is famous for ripping off Capcom’s Street Fighter II.

Data East got away with it as they claimed the chars are based on Chinese and Japanese cultural mythology.

This is amusing lip sync from SNK’s Cyber-Lip.  It happens throughout so here’s a taste from 32s to 42s

It seems that SNK were not just bad at English translation….

The sumo headbutt or as some call it, sumo torpedo is a very famous special move performed by E Honda in Capcom’s ground breaking Street Fighter II.

We all know what happens after holding back for two seconds, forward and punch…

Before you turn on the originality tap, have a look at this vid from Konami’s 1985 classic, Yie ar Kung-Fu and Buchu’s special attack…

I’m sorry but Capcom clearly ripped it off.

This is a lame boss from SNK’s Cyber-Lip at 11m 10s to 12s.

Watch the second boss from Irem’s classic R-Type at 4m 21s until 4m 24s

Notice the very similar accepting effect from the tubes.

Then watch a similar death scene from Palace’s Barbarian II at 3m 08s to 3m 18s.

That’s cool but original?

To find out, watch what happens when you get devoured by a hungry worm in Beyond the Forbidden Forest on C64.  Squirm during 28s to 35s

Apart from one missing blood, the only difference is that the bow and skull is spat out respectively.

Palace is surely cowering behind the couch...

This one deserves a mention.

Listen to the tune of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up from 10s to 29s.

Then Robo’s theme from Square classic Chrono Trigger on SNES from 8s to 20s

It’s one of those where you ‘hear’ it but it’s not exactly the same as it tails off and becomes quite different.

Watch the surprisingly decent Universal Soldier Regeneration boom scene from 12m 54s to 13m 05s.

Poor old Lance gets blown up in John Woo’s Hard Target at 2m 45s to 3m

Why do they feel the need just to watch an inevitable death?  Both could have prevented such a mess.

This is possibly one of the most blatant rips ever and what’s more amazing, is that Oasis actually went through with it.

Anyway, it’s Shakermaker

This is How to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) performed by The New Seekers

It’s unbelievable.

Don’t worry Oasis, you’re not quite alone…

Listen to Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl.

Then take a listen to If I Were a Rich Man from the 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roof.

I don’t know what’s worse?

This is Sega’s 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog. Listen from 1s to 3s

Then the Megadrive version of Jurassic park (2s to 3s)

Now out of the two, which is more appropriate and which is more ridiculous?


Capcom are apparently the masters of all they survey.  Well even these ‘masters’ made a fuck up that is legendary (to me at least).

Watch Ken’s stage anywhere between 2m to 3m 12s to get the idea…

How can something (in this case, the boat) bob up and down when the substance that is supposed to be making it move is just coloured concrete?

Despite all the endless updates, they never did sort out this bizarre misunderstanding of kinetics….

This is a great example of Capcom partly stealing from SNK.

Watch El Fuerte’s Ultra 1 from Super Street Fighter IV.

Then Tizoc’s super from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, from 6m 20s to 21s.

The point to the sky and the light show is the deal breaker.

This is a nice one.  Listen to this piece of music from Chrono Trigger (up until 44s).

Then, Pink Floyd’s The Trial from The Wall (over the lyrics) from 20s to about 1m 20s.

At this stage in Chrono Trigger, you are actually on ‘trial’ which makes it total coincidence or...

In Visco’s Aero Fighters 3, listen to this sound and appreciate where it came from.  It starts and ends at 11m 50s

It’s a screaming cat in ape’s clothing.

Sega’s Shinobi from way back in 1987 was great.  Watch Spiderman make an appearance at 54s to 56s….

Then during a bonus stage, watch dancing fans and a now famous perfect 2m 6s to 13s.  It seems you shouldn’t always associate perfect with Street Fighter…

Using the same vid, have a look at boss Black Turtle from 4m 10s, (especially from 4m 24s to 27s).

How odd that the rotary blade is static, as when going down, logic suggests it should still be moving…

Ha ha!

This next bit is truly insane.  This is a gameplay vid of system 3’s Flimbo’s Quest on C64.

Listen to sound nibble on items appearing when an enemy is killed (throughout)….

I suggest a clearer hearing at 1m 56s.

Then hear Konami’s Axelay on SNES with the sound when starting the game (2m 13 to 15s)

They don’t sound really alike but wait a minute.

What about comparing Flimbo’s sound to the very odd KXX’s King of Demons (also on SNES) at 2m 30s, and then almost immediately after, compare the other sound to Axelay at 2m 33s.

I may have a screw loose but I think the Flimbo sound is near identical and the Axelay nibble just has a slightly different pitch.

Have all three vids open and make up your own mind as to if I need that screw of mine tightening?

Here’s another and this one is difficult to argue against…

Have a listen to the morphing sound used in Aicom’s 1995 Neo Geo shmup Pulstar, first heard at 4m 28 to 4m 31s.

Then listen from 1m 53s to 1m 56s for a strange ‘door appearing’ sound in Konami’s 1992 arcade of Bucky ‘o Hare.


This is the sound of hitting a chest in Capcom’s Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts on the SNES at 1m 35s and obviously, anytime throughout.

Then take a chomp of this sound of destroying an enemy in Taito’s Cadash from 3m 44s to 48s (obviously anytime after).

Watch the credits to Konami’s very strange Devil World from 19m 15s until its conclusion.

Why does some of the writing go behind the graphics?

That brings us nicely to end of this set as the ice cube has finally evaporated.

The next will feature more excitement than an unopened bag of Revels.

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