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If this isn't variety - you're appropriately the greatest denier! Ud 02/02/13

It’s back!  Big is back.  Because bigger is better.  6000 SUX.   An American tradition.

That’s an advert and here’s a night out on the town.

The dance floors and bars will never feel the same again.

I hope the lights are brighter than an eclipse.

Mayday, can you read me please?  Oh sorry Gene, wrong frequency.

I gained sweet Revenge on Peter Gabriel.

Primal Scream were thankfully only slightly Damaged in a minor accident.

Friday Night, Saturday Night Sunday Morning and Saturday to Sunday are songs by The Specials and Tindersticks, Madness and Levellers respectively.

Due to The National, I won’t go out with any girl called Rachael as I’d be compelled to ask her to Murder Me.

Altered is a 2006 movie, Altered States is 1980 horror film and Altered Beast is 1988 Sega arcade classic.

Lana Del Ray is well into Video Games.

Tricky will eventually meet their Demise.

Therapy? developed a disturbing Perversonality.

Megalomania and Mega lo Mania is a Muse song and 1991 Amiga game respectively.

Underworld had Two Months Off because of an illness.

Raven and The Raven is a song by Actress and a 2012 film about a murderer who is inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe respectively.

If you want to become Immune to music, I recommend Low.

Nearly every single cell in our body contains DNA.  I wonder how scientists will react to a sample, as provided by The Kills.

Deep Fear and Cold Fear are survival horror games released in 1998 and 2005 on the Sega Saturn and PC (also for PS2 and Xbox) respectively.

Mercury Man and Marathon Man are songs by Animal Collective and Ian Brown respectively.

Sonic Youth will Shoot on sight and The Stone Roses will Shoot You Down.

Sea Wolf and Sea Fog is a TV series starring Tim Roth and Keane song respectively.

Foster the People are such a Waste.

Kiss the Girls is a 1997 Morgan Freeman thriller and Katy Perry declared that I Kissed a Girl and I liked it.

The incredible Ode to Joy was popularised by Beethoven as part of his Symphony No.9.  It was taken from German Friedrich Schiller’s poem of the same name.  Road to Joy a song by Bright Eyes.

All the good work by No Doubt was Undone.

Dead Rising is a now famous 2006 survival zombie video game franchise and Deep Rising is a 1998 horror creature feature movie.

The Futureheads felt unease and unrest, which was enough to unleash The Chaos.

Softcell feel as though their Numbers are coming up and The Cribs are just Another Number in the music environment.

Dante’s Inferno is a fairly decent PS3 action game based on the first canticle inferno from Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy.

As a reimagined knight, it saw you fight your way through the nine circles of hell to reclaim the soul of much loved Beatrice from ultimate baddie Lucifer.

I don’t care what anybody thinks, God of War anybody?

It’s basically the same game with slight variations on enemies so if anybody can say otherwise, I wanna know how and why?

I’m not a fan of Mario Party but Sega undeniably ripped off Nintendo with Sonic Shuffle as it features the same mini-game concept.

Anybody who’s the scene the enjoyable Brendan Fraser action film The Mummy will know what the scarab beetles do when they’re hungry and how they do it.

Then it’s totally ripped off in the unnecessary Indiana Jones sequel, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - only with ants.

The Used asked a favour at an inconvenient time.  It didn’t Put Me Out too much though.

I don’t to offend them but I Don’t Wanna listen to Within Temptation.

Ash long to achieve World Domination.

The Lightning Seeds can’t be bothered to move today as they’re Feeling Lazy.

Body Heat, White Heat, Dead Heat and Red Heat are all films.

A hunter will more than likely have a Trophy Room.  I guess Slow Club must be into taxidermy.

Further to this, Slow Club will no doubt admire Dry the River their assortment of Animal Skins.

For the benefit of any sceptics out there, Dragons are Real.  Do you dare doubt Magnum?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs don’t rely on satellite navigation as they just carry Maps.

The season of warmth....

I enjoyed Last Summer as I spent it with Lostprophets, on the other hand, Crocodiles experienced a Summer of Hate, Interpol handled Summer Well and/or made a wish and threw coins down it, Yellowcard are Always Summer, Chapterhouse were emotional as Summer’s Gone, Manic Street Preachers and Stereophonics basked in an Indian Summer, David’s Last Summer was remembered by Pulp, The Drums weep at the Saddest Summer, Smoke Fairies watched as Summer Fades, Bananarama endured a Cruel Summer, Foo Fighters witnessed Summer’s End, it’s the End of the Summer for Theory of a Deadman and The Avalanches operated a Summer Crane.

Killer Bitch, The Bitch and Run! Bitch Run! are all types of films.

Girl in Black is a song by Crocodiles and The Woman in Black is not a scary film.

In fact, despite all the hype, apart from been an awful film, I can’t understand how anybody can think it’s the slightest bit terrifying.

If Things Were Perfect, we’d all be listening to Moby.

I have to go and Rescue a band.  Which one?  Why it’s Echo & the Bunnymen.

After all these years, Green Day are finally Coming Clean.

The Hoosiers prove to be an Unlikely Hero.

I bumped into The Cribs at my boxing club.  Rumour has it that they are Learning How to Fight.

In sport, it helps if you maintain Composure when in a highly pressurized situation.  Warpaint are advised to change careers with the current England football team.

Whatever you do, “Don’t mention the war.”

The National were compelled to Start a War, don’t interfere with Neon Trees as this was Our War, Anberlin can teach the Art of War, Wilco suggested War on War, Ash want a War with Me, Arcade Fire instigated a Surburban War, Switchfoot found The War Inside, 30 Seconds to Mars stated This is War and The Cardigans went to War.

Lord of War is a Nicholas Cage film.

Still Corners enjoy an Endless Summer, Crocodiles seem destined to pick Endless Flowers, The Horrors will experience an Endless Blue, Electric Light Orchestra will tell Endless Lies, Graveyard grew bored during an Endless Night, Wild Flag persisted with Endless Talk, The Gaslight Anthem took shelter from Endless Rain, Melody's Echo Chamber were surrounded by an Endless Shore and Lou Reed endured an Endless Cycle. 

Parachute is a song by Train and Parachutes is the debut album from Coldplay.

Cube is a trilogy of interesting sci-fi horror films and The Cube is a popular ITV1 gameshow hosted by Philip Schofield.

Lethal, Rolling, Hydro and Blazing Thunder are all video games by Irem, Namco, Midway and Hi-Tec respectively.

Blazing Thunder is the least recognisable as it was a 1990 Speccy game.

To settle up, Tropic Thunder is a moderately funny action movie starring Black, Stiller and Downey Jr.

City of Ember and City of Industry are both films.  City of Vultures is a song by Rise to Remain.

Electric Light Orchestra notice a very unusual analogue clock with four functional movements.  It's of course got Too Many Hands.

54321 was a retro chocolate bar and is a 2010 film.

Five Days and Five Years are songs by Tricky and David Bowie respectively.

It’s a little Ritual of mine to listen to Ash.

Don’t eat food served up by M.I.A. as it’s likely to be on The Turn.

A Kingdom is a song by Lanterns on the Lake and The Kingdom is a 2007 film.

Lacuna Coil taste Shallow Life, Pavement enjoy the Range Life and Shearwater live and breathe Animal Life and Home Life.

SBTRKT and Atlas Sound prefer to Ready Set Loop and Ready Set Glow respectively.

Chain Letters was a ITV game show and Chain Letter horror film.

For What It’s Worth, I’ve recently met The Cardigans.

Finding and keeping a Tomato in the Rain would be both soggy and pointless.  Just don’t mention those comments to Kaiser Chiefs.

Listening to Supergrass provides a right Kick in the Teeth.

Shut Your Eyes and think of Snow Patrol.

Bloc Party have a strange habbit as they Like Eating Glass.

The Walking Dead is a well known big budget zombie survival TV series starring Andrew ‘Teachers’ Lincoln and Walking the Dead is a 2000 horror film.

About that film, you can imagine it’s about taking a zombie mutt for some exercise…

Picture This is a Blondie song and Picture Me is a song by Republica.

What do movies The Last Exorcism, The Last Song and The Last Airbender all have in common apart from they all begin with The Last?

They were all released in 2010.

Let’s Go Jungle Lost on the Island of Spice is Sega on the rails shooter was released in 2006 and would be later ripped off by Namco’s Deadstorm Pirates in 2009.

The guns are virtually the same two via Quickshot II joysticks.  The only difference is one has a wheel and the other with an action button.  The game mechanics are near identical.

Bon Iver felt Skinny Love and Sea of Bees have a Skinnybone.

Gothic and Southern Gothic are both films.

Portishead lived through the Sour Times and The Kills sucked a Sour Cherry.

Sparklehorse got the point as the King of Nails, Underworld hissed at being the King of Snake, R.E.M. flapped as the King of Birds, Duran Duran can’t be opposed as the King of Nowhere, The Tallest Man on Earth ruled as the King of Spain and Deep Purple slept as the King of Dreams.

To settle up, King of Demons is a surreal 1995 SNES game by KXX.

Kirk and Spock live and breathe space, the final frontier.  Magnum discovered The Last Frontier.

Hot Chip are Ready for the Floor and We Are the Ocean are Ready for the Fall.

Massive Attack is capable of delving into the human Psyche.

Is it me or are Leftfield an Original band?

A Few Good Men and A Few Best Men are unrelated films.

Semisonic have a Secret Smile, Ash display an Innocent Smile and Ultravox can be seen with a Distant Smile.

Boyz and Boyz n the Hood is a song by M.I.A. and 1991 movie respectively.

The White Stripes are extremely rude but their defence, they do intend to Offend in Every Way.

Hats off to the Insane and Hats off to the Buskers are albums by Therapy? and The View respectively.

Bad Things is a song by Tricky and Very Bad Things is a 1998 movie starring Christian Slater.

Bombay Bicycle Club can quote films Word by Word.

Sing a Song of sixpence a pocket full of rye.  The first three words of this famous nursery rhyme is a song by Jenny Lewis.

Attention all aspiring general practitioners, you must subscribe to Low for their very well received Medicine Magazine.

The Last Goodbye is a song by The Kills and The Last Stand is an Arnie movie due for release in 2013.

The White Stripes are really nasty, I mean truly horrible.  One day, I couldn’t take their rudeness any more so I asked, Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?

As you Are and You as You Were are songs by Travis and Shearwater respectively.

Star Trek: Insurrection and Android Insurrection are both contrasting films.

Semisonic and Sleeper are indeed Delicious bands.

I bumped into Bjork the other day and it was certainly unnerving and unsettling.  She was assaulting people and generally being aggressive towards anything and anyone.

The police eventually intervened and she was released without charge as it later transpired that she was just Violently Happy.

Death Cab for Cutie will only travel in the Passenger Seat.

I offer my Congratulations to MGMT.

If you’re going to awake the Sleeping Giant, be prepared to deal with Gaz Coombes Presents.

Drop Dead is a Space song, Drop Dead Fred is a 1991 dark comedy starring Rik Mayall and Phoebe Cates and Drip Fed Fred is a song by Madness.

10 X 10 will make you scream Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I will dive extreme Depths to experience Chapel Club.

Can't Get You Out of My Head, Can't Get It Out of My Head, Can't Get You Out of My Mind are songs by Kylie Minogue, Electric Light Orchestra and Aqualung respectively.

Loved and The Loved Ones are both films.

Joy Division says She’s Lost Control, James should never be put in charge of an extreme situation they will Lose Control but The Clash are in Complete Control.

Pale Horses, Wild Horses and Spanish Horses are songs by Moby, The Rolling Stones and Aztec Camera respectively.

If I Live to Tell the Tale, I’m going straight to my Passion Pit playlist.

Notting Hill and Rotting Hill are both films.  You’ve got to admire the latter, at least in title.

Zookeeper is a 2011 film starring Kevin James and Zoo Keeper is a tile matching puzzle game franchise.

The Distance and Going the Distance is a Travis song and 2010 romcom film respectively.

The Wailing Wall are going into battle with Hands and Teeth, Green Day are Pulling Teeth, Sparklehorse swim in a Sea of Teeth, Wilco warmed up with Summer Teeth, We Are the Ocean are Cutting out Teeth, you have to feel sorry for The Antlers as they claim Every Night My Teeth are Falling Out and Tindersticks possess Milky Teeth.

When considering the above, Owl City squirms at Dental Care.

I’m not sure why, but Ash have been Walking Barefoot all summer.

Just Who Is the 5 o’Clock Hero?  You’re asking me?  How the hell should I know but what I can say is that you’re better off asking The Jam.

I don’t scare easily but The Moment I Feared is when I discovered Tricky.

There is definitely A Lack of Color in Death Cab for Cutie.  Hope they feel better soon.

Everything Is... and After All… are songs by Neutral Milk Hotel and The Cardigans respectively.

Growler is a song by Space and Howler is a band.

I’m forever Blowing Bubbles and listening to the Lightning Seeds.

The Simple Things and The Modern Things are songs by The Bluetones and Bjork respectively.

Skunk Anansie were getting really annoyed with a stubborn coconut.  In the end, they screamed I Will Break You.

You Really Got Me and You Got Me are songs by The Kinks and Sleeper respectively.

I think Lowgold should change their mindset during auctions as the Less I Offer clearly doesn’t work.

MGMT felt The Youth and Softcell rediscovered their Youth.

Madison County and Resurrection County are both films.

Be Here Now is both an Oasis album and George Harrison song.

I had a terrible nightmare; no actually, it was A Bad Dream.  I was listening to Keane before visiting the land of nod.

Not sure of the order which a certain 26 letters follow?  Take ride on the Alphabet Pony owned by The Kills.

Run of the Mill is a song by George Harrison and King of the Hill can be either an animated TV show or a 1993 film.  King of the World is a track from First Aid Kit.

The House of Love can be found on the 32nd Floor.  I guess they don’t suffer from vertigo.

Cast are a Time Bomb waiting to explode.

Pots and Pans are staple mainstays in any kitchen.  I suggest you visit The Kills to watch them prepare a meal.

If you think you can prevent listening to The Undertones, don’t be foolish as It’s Going to Happen!

I’ve no idea what Snow Patrol get up to when hosting or participating in Spitting Games but it sounds revolting.

There’s Still Life in the old dog yet.  Chapterhouse are part of this expression.

Sick Boy is both a 2012 film and Johnny Lee Miller’s char in Danny Boyle’s brilliant Trainspotting.

In concert, The Lightning Seeds are apparently a right Crowd Pleaser.

If I want to catch some rays, I’ll choose Mercury Rev and October Sunshine.

When you are Playing Along with something, it means that you’re in on some kind of prank but deny all knowledge if approached.  Don’t involve Keane on such matters.

The Used must Kiss it Goodbye if they are continue to thrive in the music business.

Echo & the Bunnymen struggle to get Over the Wall, Over the Net is 1991 beach volleyball computer game, Over the Top is an enjoyable Stallone arm wrestling sentimental drama, Over the Edge is a Hole number and Over the Hedge is a Dreamworks animation effort.

Tindersticks attempts at completing their mission proved ultimately Fruitless.

Fools Gold are songs by The Stone Roses, Mouthwash and Thin Lizzy.  Fool’s Gold is a 2008 film respectively.

Bloc Party have Plans for their retirement.

Moby and their reputation in the music business is Slipping Away.

Ghost Town and World Town are songs by The Specials and M.I.A. respectively.

There is no Love Lost between me and The Temper Trap.

I realise that Sometimes I Make you Sad but don’t blame me, blame Supergrass.

If anybody sees The Lightning Seeds in concert, all that I can say is God Help Them.

Pull the Pin and Pin is a Stereophonics album and Yeah Yeah Yeahs song respectively.

The Maccabees noticed a pre-drawn empty painting.  I urge them to Colour It In.

Love Fuzz is a track by Ty Segall, Hot Fuzz is a 2007 crime spoof, Hot Fuss is an album by The Killers and Hot Fruit is a song by Gaz Coombes Presents.

Gossip like to be Involved in any activity.

Due to insufficient Data, I cannot process music performed by Space.

Lights Out is a term likely to be used in prison.  Santogold are employed to holler such an expression.

I listened to Noisettes the other day, but it’s Never Enough.

Demon Seed and Devil Seed are films released in 1977 and 2012 respectively.

Please heed this Warning, Incubus are in town.

If you don’t like your name, Ash advise to Change Your Name.

Time for Truth is a song by The Jam, Don’t Believe the Truth is an Oasis album and I think it’s about time that Good Charlotte told The Truth.

The Good Ones and The Wild Ones are songs by The Kills and Suede respectively.

Duran Duran took The Night Boat and Madness sailed on a Night Boat to Cairo.

The Human League sought Judge Dredd inspiration with I am the Law and The Clash claimed I Fought the Law but we all know, the war won.

Like a can of lager, Groove Armada is best Serve Chilled.

The Cardigans offer wonderful views Over the Water.

Ghost Return and Slight Return are songs by Moby and The Bluetones respectively.

Life & Lyrics and Music & Lyrics are both films.

Dull Gold Heart and Black Burning Heart are songs by Band of Skulls and Keane respectively.

It’s better to be nowhere than somewhere.  Do you dare to disagree with these bands?

Band of Skulls - Close to Nowhere
Hot Hot Heat – Middle of Nowhere
Bright Eyes – We are Nowhere, and It’s Now
The Smiths – Nowhere Fast
Magnum – Doors to Nowhere
The Cure – Going Nowhere
The Beatles – Nowhere Man
The Airborne Toxic Event and Neil Young – This is Nowhere
Duran Duran – King of Nowhere
Aqualung - Nowhere
The Bluetones - Never Going Nowhere

Carry On and We Carry On are songs by Fun and Portishead respectively.

Massive Attack offer a simple Exchange policy.

It’s a shame that Space isn’t a member of my Neighbourhood.

I avoid listening to Tricky as their music Makes Me Wanna Die.

Faces in a Dream is a track by Hurricane # 1, Faces in the Crowd is a 2011 Milla Jovovich thriller and In the Crowd is a song by The Jam.

Possible Maybe and Definitely Maybe is a Bjork song and famous debut album from Oasis respectively.

Before we were all begging Duffy for Mercy, Primal Scream were out to Get Duffy.

Travellers Tune and Traveler’s Song are tunes by Ocean Colour Scene and Future of Forestry respectively.

The Moons left me Wondering about their music.

The Acid House and The Sick House are films released in 1998 and 2008 respectively.

If it was left up to The Dead Weather, they’d Hang You from the Heavens.

Cigarettes & Alcohol and Cigarettes & Lies are songs by Oasis and The Lightning Seeds respectively.

Burning Soldier and Burning Sky is a 3DO game and song by The Jam respectively.

Quantum Leap and Quantum Theory is a classic TV show and Jarvis Cocker song respectively.

You Me at Six were arrested.  After suffering a grilling at the cop shop, they couldn’t be broken until they were asked for a Little Bit of Truth.  Suffice to say, they coughed.

Dark Paradise, Dark Clouds, Dark Days and Dark Therapy are songs by Lana Del Rey, Space The Used and Echobelly respectively.

Coldplay are into Politik and Politics is a Ricky Gervais stand-up comedy tour.

How dare The Cardigans occupy Our Space.

OneRepublic are not thinking out loud, they're Dreaming Out Loud.

I have no idea why people turn up for Elastica because they are Never Here.

When Saturday Comes and Every Monday Morning Comes are songs by The Undertones and Suede respectively.

I’d Like to Know what it is about Supergrass that makes them entertaining.

If Electric Light Orchestra are Calling America again, they are picking up the phone bill.

Well that’s time, last orders and after supping one sambuca too many, I struggle home and hit the sack.

What I great night but I paid for it the following morning.

After recovering from a monumental hangover, I promised I’d never drink again.

We all know that’s about as likely as Quint never singing Spanish Ladies in Jaws.

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