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If this isn't variety - you're sensationally the greatest denier! 2/2 Ud 17/05/13

Well I hope you enjoyed whatever refreshment break you chose and here we go with the final act of football.

Rest assured, it will go out with a boom, rather than a bleep.

I hope to entertain you once again.

You Me at Six will Take Your Breath Away and Berlin easily Take My Breath Away.

When listening to The Sea of Bees, I enjoy Marmalade on toast.

Field Music prepares to host another decapitation as they are currently testing the mechanism of their Guillotine.

The Dirty Three got excited over a Dirty Equation.  Whatever turns you on I suppose....

Friends have these Ideas on Ghosts that they won’t share.

Yesterday, Today and Forever, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Yesterday to Tomorrow are songs by Vicky Beeching, The Courteeners, Tindersticks, Death Cab for Cutie and Audioslave respectively.

Getting Better and Better and Better are songs by The Beatles and Calexico respectively.

If you are seeking information, visit Actress and their Tree of Knowledge.

U2 noticed a Wire and Athlete handled Wires.

If you wish to Unwind, use Sonic Youth to achieve this feat.

Ninja Scroll is a fairly gory Anime action film and some of the chars clearly inspired SNK as seen in the superb Samurai Shodown 2.  Highlights include Dakuan who becomes Nicotine and Gemma as Sieger.

Instead of an emergency stop, The Strokes performed an Automatic Stop.

If I handed Elysion a rubber, I’m sure they’d Erase Me.

Somebody asked me if I like Lambchop.  After a bit of consideration, my answer was Kind Of.

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 met a Truck Driving Man and The Rolling Stones fought a Street Fighting Man.

The Hoosiers are aware of a Killer and Killers is a 2010 movie.

The Rolling Stones asked Let’s Spend the Night Together and Standard Fare pleaded Let’s Get’s Back Together.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly recited The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager and Good Charlotte stated The Chronicles of Life and Death.

Attention all homosexuals and lesbians, please avoid The Fiery Furnaces and Straight Street.

Turin Brakes don’t inflict self harm, but they do need Self Help.

I pray that Snow Patrol don’t push the Disaster Button.

I am looking forward to Another Night In with Tindersticks.

To all annoying salespersons, please do not harry and aggravate Stereophonics are they are Just Looking.

To me, Paramore are The Only Exception.

Taxi for Tricky please.

Them Crooked Vultures put in a complaint to their local pet shop as they didn’t sell Reptiles.

Let me introduce you to Mr.

Writer – Stereophonics
Natural – The Phantom Band
November – The National
Brightside – The Killers
Met – Lambchop
Maker – The Kooks
Amateur - Midlake
Clean - The Jam
Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra
Milk - Errors
Grin - The Feeling
Smarty Pants - Jonathan Coulton
By k By - How to Dress Well
Ambulance Driver - The Flaming Lips
Mistletoe - The Magnetic Fields

Please warn the neighbours, get a permit and/or licence if you’re going to learn the International Language of Screaming, as performed by Super Furry Animals.

Keep your Heart, Keep your Dreams and Keep your Head are songs by TV on the Radio, Primal Scream and The Ting Tings respectively.

Interpol gave themselves a Mammoth task.

Somebody with musical taste decided to play The Horrors.  What an Excellent Choice.

Indigo Girls is best played after the Watershed.

Please adjust the Pleasure Control on Way Out West.  I can't stand it.

First Aid Kit had to weather a Heavy Storm and The Kooks handled Stormy Weather.

Wild Beasts are in Deeper than they think.

Hole climbed into Celebrity Skin, Grimes wore my Skin and Shed 7 can’t believe The Skin I’m In.

Do You Feel It?  Well, not really Ash.

The Cold Light of Day and The Harsh Light of Day are both films.

The Fiery Furnaces and I were faced with a rabid dog.  I don’t know what they did but I’m Gonna Run.

Into the Wild, Into the West, Into the Fire, Into the Blue, Into the Abyss and Into the Night are all films.

The Twilight Sad and Lambchop were in the process of making some new material but were rudely Interrupted.

It’s an Automatic reaction to like Thirteen Senses.

Revolutionary Road, Reservation Road and Arlington Road are all films.

Shearwater was again given detention for prowling the school Corridors.

The Beatles needed a break to become a Paperback Writer and Lambchop recited a Paperback Bible.

I Feel the need for Stereophonics.

After listening to Death Cab for Cutie, I will only guzzle Champagne from a Paper Cup.

I really do wish that Of Monsters and Men would keep their great Dirty Paws off my property.

The Fiery Furnaces sharpen their nails on a Paw Paw Tree.

Before I forget, I must send a Memo to The Boxer Rebellion.

If you take it Slow...

Parade – Broken Records
Life – Super Furry Animals
Hands – Interpol
Light - Moby
Glass – Noah and the Whale
Burn - David Bowie
Show - The National
Roam - Polar Bear Club
Fade - Casting Crowns
Motion - Panda Bear
Train - Guillemots
Blues - Thin Lizzy
Animals - The Strokes

Slow Focus is an album by Fuck Buttons.

Tricky will always take things Slow and Of Monsters and Men like to take things Slow and Steady.

To let off steam, MGMT say it’s Time to Pretend.

I have Tried Everything but The Cribs just won’t listen.

We are Scientists managed to achieve the feat of Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) in Casino.  They managed to get themselves banned from every gambling den in Las Vegas.  Apparently, it’s because they Can’t Lose. 

Ash can play the Song of your Desire.

Who's In Control?  Me or British Sea Power?  I guess the latter.

Stinger is a song by Razorlight and Blue Stinger is a 1999 Dreamcast game.

Look at these similar sounding song titles.

On and On – Longpigs
On and On and On – Jack White and Wilco
Justice – On’n’On

How easy would it be to confuse song with artist?

You can talk to the hand but Magazine will Talk to the Body.

Space Ace was (at the time) a revolutionary 1984 laser disc video game and was very similar to Dragon’s Lair.  Captain Ace is a song by The Soft Pack.  

Feeding a tool that is typically used for cutting wood sounds insane but Tindersticks own a Hungry Saw.

Kaiser Chiefs have Good Days Bad Days and Flaming Lips just had Bad Days.

“If you pay Peanuts, you get monkeys” has been used at some point within a workplace.  Out of this idiom, link the salted and roasted word to get a song by Tindersticks.

Lowgold and their supply of Amber was the key to dinosaur cloning in Jurassic Park.

After suffering verbal diarrhoea, The Strokes concluded You Talk Way Too Much.

Her and She are songs by Tindersticks, Suede and Green Day respectively.

It's impossible for The Ting Tings not to give a Fruit Machine a spin.  Will it pay out?  In my experience, frustratingly not.

Repetition can be extremely annoying and banal.  As a band, is TV on the Radio?

Hudson Hawk is a Bruce Willis film and Hudson Line is Mercury Rev tune.

The Bees reached the End of the Street and chose to Stand.

Friendly Fires are regularly in and out of Relationships.

The Joy Formidable favourite part of any drink is The Last Drop.

The Smashing Pumpkins may Drown and Stereophonics dream of Drowning.

Instead of a 21 gun salute, Green Day used 21 Guns for light entertainment.

The Strokes say You Only Live Once and You Only Live Twice is a James Bond adventure.

The Proclaimers offer A Mix of music.

I wish somebody would Please help U2 regain the quality of The Joshua Tree and War.

Although they didn’t want to, The Beatles had to Carry That Weight, Everything Everything balanced Weights, Blood Red Shoes were forced to Take the Weight and Editors couldn't handle The Weight of the world on their shoulders.

Deep Blue Sea and The Deep Blue Sea are rather different types of films.

If anybody dislikes Stereophonics, I detect a little spark of Jealousy.

When it comes to the Nitty Gritty, look to Primal Scream.

Ben Howard is very fond of Diamonds, Thin Lizzy are a sucker for an Emerald and Seabound own a Sapphire.

Noah and the Whale had something they wanted to get off their chest so they approached me as My Door is Always Open.

I sense a Gap with The Kooks.

Arcade Fire always Keep The Car Running.  It must be superstitious.

The Naked and Famous enjoy a Spank or several.

Without You, Within You Without You and With or Without You are songs by Scouting for Girls, Hinder, Lana Del Rey and The Feeling, The Beatles and U2 respectively.

If you’re got a disturbing passion for something, some may say it’s an Obsession.  Or you could say you’ve just been listening to The Subways.  I however have a Magnificent Obsession for Lambchop.

Without doing anything in particular, Kasabian were accepted in the British Legion.

Brianstorm is a song by Arctic Monkeys and Brainstorm is a 1983 movie.

We Love to Boogie, We're Gonna Boogie, Boogie Wonderland and Woody's Hood Boogie Woogie are songs by T-Rex, Primal Scream, Earth, Wind & Fire and Good Old War respectively.

Boogie Nights is a 1997 drama about the 70's porn industry starring Mark Wahlberg, an uncredited prosthetic penis and Burt Reynolds.  Boogie Woogie is a far less interesting 2009 effort.

Boogie Wings is an insane, highly original and mental 1992 Data East shmup.  It's so ludicrous, it's impossible not to laugh.  Honestly, what other game can you use a hook to pick up animals such as a giraffe, horse or elephant and fight against a giant Santa Claus with a handgun?

Compared to this, Konami's Parodius is more normal than a seven day week.

Other drug induced mayhem includes Cho Aniki and sequel Ai Cho Aniki, both on the PC Engine.

Therapy? are a Screamager and Muse grew up with a Screenager.

Dreamember is a song by Twin Atlantic that can't be found on a regular calendar.

Coldplay are back to Square One.

Three Decades later and The Horrors are here to stay.

Stereophonics entered Plastic California and The Cure have a Plastic Passion.

Eight Days and Eight Days a Week are songs by Twin Atlantic and The Beatles respectively.

After a lasting relationship, Barenaked  Ladies can’t quite believe The Love We’re In.

When pulled over by the police, Death Cab for Cutie could only offer Title and Registration.

Everything is.... Broken...

Stones – Paul Weller
Promise – Placebo, New Order and Scroobius Pip
Man – Boys like Girls
Heels – Alexandra Burke
Mirrors – Rise Against
Circles – Levellers
Glass – The Boxer Rebellion and Buckcherry
Strings – James Morrison
Face – Pixies
Crown – Mumford & Sons
Homes - Tricky
Toy - Keane and Veronica Falls
English - Rise Against
Arrow - The Script
Bones - Aqualung
Home - Papa Roach
City - Audioslave
Drum - Beck
Doll - Tender Trap
Bricks - The White Stripes
Wings - Flyleaf
Dreams - Thin Lizzy
Train - Beck
Starr - The Bluetones
Piano - Frank Turner
Record - Little Boots
Knee - Dinosaur Pile-Up
Sound - New Found Glory
Man - Status Quo
Loves - The Blue Nile

For shits and giggles, I used the lyrics from Planet Telex by Radiohead as my introduction to this little set.  Smart eh?

Hang Wire is a Pixies song and Haywire is a 2011 action film.

Deadhead is a Sterophonics tune and Dead Heads is a funny zombie comedy film.

I had the opportunity to do some ocean exploring so I borrowed a Wetsuit from The Vaccines.

Beady Eye would do a favour For Anyone and The Beatles will play For No One.

It’s unwise to try and move in on Territory occupied by School of Seven Bells.

It is not wise to adopt in the world of Arcade Fire as they live in a City with No Children.

Tricky grew up on a Council Estate.

Arctic Monkeys don’t enjoy any sort of romance, they need A Certain Romance.

Burn Baby Burn and Burn America Burn are songs by Ash and Levellers respectively.

Rock Star and Rockstar are songs by Hole and Nickelback respectively.

There are downsides to Nirvana, like an Aneurysm.

Alice in Chains is madder than a box of Frogs.

Shame In You and Shame On You are songs by Alice in Chains and Aerosmith.

Killing Joke is a band, Killing Lies is a song by The Strokes, Killing Zoe is a controversial 1993 film and Killing Floor is a 2009 game.

The Sex Pistols and The Smashing Pumpkins are interested in Bodies and Longpigs observe things Over Our Bodies.

Elbow cling to a Ribcage and Biffy Clyro is Strung to your Ribcage.

Women like some men who live their lives 100MPH.  What a stroke of luck eh Stereophonics?

Magazine claim I’m a Party and The Subways scream It’s a Party.

What’s this and what a screamer.  You won’t see a better goal and it’s worthy of winning any game.

Stick or twist?  Invite pressure on your own goal or go for more?

We’ll see folks.

Turtle Island is a Beach House song and Turtle Village is a stage featured in Sega’s 1989 classic Golden Axe.

Brett Anderson should be regarded as an Unsung hero.

Look Slow Club, it’s You, Earth or Ash.

Amsterdam is a song by both Coldplay and Bellowhead.  Amsterdamned is a 1988 horror film.

The Magic Numbers tried to show off at a local pub but were left embarrassed when they got asked to produce proof of age.  They didn’t even bother as they are Only Seventeen.

Ladies and misters who get a bit ooh la la in the living room may get carpet burns in the throws of passion.  The Twilight Singers suffer Powder Burns.

I challenged The Pains of Being Pure at Heart to a high jump competition.  What a stupid idea as I later found that they can leap Higher Than The Stars.

All You Good Good People and We Are Not Good People are songs by Embrace and Bloc Party respectively.

Do Me a Favour and don’t mention Arctic Monkeys.

If you go down to the woods today...

The Fiery Furnaces – Oh Sweet Woods
Sea of Bees – The Woods
Public Image Ltd and Foals – Out of the Woods
Bon Iver – Woods

The Cabin in the Woods, A Night in the Woods and Monsters in the Woods are all films.

Lock Up and Lock-Up are both different films.  Yeah, hyphenating words really makes a huge difference.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Austra may eventually Lose It.

TV on the Radio will insist on going The Wrong Way.

Manic Street Preachers are Further Away and The Horrors are Moving Further Away.

St. Vincent prefer to be Cruel rather than kind and St. Kevin is a track by The Phoenix Foundation.

I would buy a Sea of Bees album but I’m strapped for cash and Broke.

Chariot is a 1991 Capcom arcade game and Chariots is a song by Future of Forestry.  Chariot is part of Three Wonders, with the other two comprising of Midnight Wanderers and Don’t Pull.

Lanterns on the Lake are warmed by a Blanket of Leaves.  Let’s hope that there isn’t a strong gust of wind...

Bright Eyes applied the finishing Touch and The Doors felt the need to Touch Me.

Lambchop spent the day crashing into various objects and generally being clumsy.  Well they did choose A Day Without Glasses.

When you’re next on holiday abroad, you could be In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.  Keep an eye out for Neutral Milk Hotel.

I believe Explosions in the Sky deserve a Memorial.

Flyleaf took inspiration from Wizard of Oz as they are Melting.  It’s unclear if water was used.

An important piece of evidence in law is referred to as Exhibit A.  In 2007, a film was called just that.

Near Dark is ‘not’ a vampire film and Near Life is an Embrace song.

When I see Storm Clouds above, I feel the Young Knives.

U2 squeezed a Lemon and The National are part of Lemonworld.

A wild and clumsy tackle takes place in the penalty area and the unfortunate naturally hits the deck.  The tackler is promptly shown red and it’s of course a spot kick.

The man who was apparently in great agony swiftly recovers (as they always do), puffs out his cheeks and coolly slots the pen past the keeper’s despairing dive.

They could be on the receiving end of a hammering and look a very dejected and beaten team

Give Me What I Want and we won’t shoot you.  I witnessed what Kids in Glass Houses threatened to do when robbing a bank.

Even though We Put a Pearl in the Ground, I warned St. Vincent not to expect it to grow.

I find Boys like Girls not infectious, but Contagious.

President of What? and Pieces of What are songs by Death Cab for Cutie and MGMT respectively.

Shearwater found Hidden Lakes and Bjork discovered a Hidden Place.

Living is so Easy if you're looked after by British Sea Power.

The Fiery Furnaces were distressed the other day as they hysterically screamed I Lost my Dog.  I’m unsure what they want me to do about it.

I began to like Incubus but then I realised it’s Just a Phase I’m going through.

The Smashing Pumpkins may be the only band who is not afraid of a rampaging Rhinoceros.

If a joke encourages tumble weeds, Eels inform hopeless comedians That’s not Really Funny.

I fancy a cornet from the Ice Cream Van.  It’s a good job that Glasvegas will be down our street soon.

Manic Street Preachers Peeled Apples and Tribes are a Bad Apple.

Stereophonics is Climbing the Wall and Radiohead are Climbing Up the Walls.

School of Seven Bells were in a right mood over something so I always remind them that there’s no need to Take it Out on Me.

Basic Space is a song by The Xx and Basic Instinct is a saucy and steamy, leg spreading 1992 Paul Verhoeven thriller.

Lanterns on the Lake will dare to pull many Tricks.

Demon Days and Turquoise Days are songs by Gorillaz Echo & the Bunnymen respectively.

Stealers Wheel are Stuck in the Middle With You, Four Year Strong found themselves Stuck in the Middle, Nemesea are Caught in the Middle, Left of the Middle is a Natalie Imbruglia album and Theory of a Deadman are In the Middle.

If you want to have a good night’s sleep with no rowdy neighbours or similar disturbances, I recommend the estate agents that sold a pad to Fleet Foxes as they have a chain of Quiet Houses.

The Solar Bears are part of The Quiet Planet.

Kaiser Chiefs appreciate When All Is Quiet and Hot Chip insist you all Keep Quiet.

Lowgold spoke their Famous Last Words.

Shell Games, Wicked Games and Stupid Games are tracks by Bright Eyes, The Weekend and Toploader respectively.  Funny Games is a Michael Haneke psychological thriller.

Millionaires is an album by James and a song from The Script’s new album #3.

Wild Boys and Lost Boys are songs by Duran Duran and Shearwater respectively.  The Lost Boys is a cult 1987 teen vampire movie.

The Rifles’ car broke down and the lads concluded it would be a Long Walk Back.

Thirteen Senses will complain if there’s not A Lot of Silence Here.

Florence + the Machine will Never Let Me Go and Snow Patrol are adamant I’ll Never Let Go.

The Black Keys scream Nova Baby, Muse will Plug In Baby, Lou Reed visit Coney Island Baby, Teenage Fanclub demand Metal Baby and The The encourage Sodium Light Baby.

Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny have no problem finding their Veins.

If Bloc Party ever appear on Shooting Stars, I’ll guarantee they’ll kick up a fuss if they are not placed on Team A.

Wild Honey and Wild Honey Pie are songs by U2 and The Beatles respectively.

I saw The Cranberries the other day.  Oh, it was Just My Imagination.

Tindersticks grew ill through City Sickness and Hot Chip watched Motion Sickness.

In the New Year, I’m going to see The Walkmen and when The New Year comes, Death Cab for Cutie is on my agenda.

Alice in Chains and The Jam will glady introduce you to your own Private Hell.

All Over the World, I've been searching for Pixies .  I finally found them.

I find myself having Constant Conversations with Passion Pit.

If you’re Patient, Twin Shadow will grow on you.

The Fiery Furnaces make Bitter Tea and Nirvana serve Pennyroyal Tea.

I gave Blood for Tindersticks.

Wilco don’t offer any sort of love, they offer Whole Love.

Up in the North and Up on the Ride are songs by The Fiery Furnaces and Guillemots respectively.

If I’m organizing a Reunion, The Xx will be on the top of my list.

Golden Touch and Golden Light are songs by Razorlight and Twin Shadow respectively.

Best of the Best is a 1989 martial arts drama and Best of Best is an obscure 1994 arcade game by Suna.

Detroit Social Scene foretold a Prophecy and The Prophecy is a 1995 horror film starring Christopher Walken.

Fifteen years later, Legion is released starring Paul Bettany... 

I suppose in Hindsight, Death Cab for Cutie are worth a listen.

Kaiser Chiefs are Addicted to Drugs, Robert Palmer was Addicted to Love and Puretone were Addicted to Bass.

If you ever visit Manic Street Preachers, be careful when shutting a door as they prefer Doors Closing Slowly.

I got Laid at a James concert.

Radiohead made me a right Paranoid Android.

Echo & the Bunnymen are gathering Rust.

I can feel my Elbow bend, Any Day Now.

Death Cab for Cutie and The Coral were stranded on Coney Island and Fatboy Slim found Love Island.

I just saw a film and it made me absolutely Livid.

A game of chess is mental and tactical monster.  Most people care about protecting their Queen and King but instead, Shearwater care most about Rooks.  I don’t think they understand the concept.

Hot Chip didn’t have a one night stand, they had a One Life Stand.

Whisttle Rhapsody and Bohemian Rhapsody are songs by The Fiery Furnaces and Queen.

By the way, ‘Whisttle’ is not supposed to be ‘Whistle’.

Up on the Downside is one of the very best Ocean Colour Scene compositions, Down on the Upside is an album by Soundgarden and Up on the Ride is a Guillemots track.  

It is necessary to cross several Roads before reaching Portishead, Trevor Hall is surrounded by Many Roads and Brett Anderson is separated by Frozen Roads.

I know that The Subways exist Somewhere in the world and The Beatles always had Something to do.

Bright Eyes will only consider driving Classic Cars.

I spent Hours listening to TV on the Radio.

A flood can be devastating so it baffles me why Passion Pit were found to be Swimming in the Flood.

Pheep, pheep, pheep and that marks the end of football as we know it.  Reluctant handshakes between players and opposing managers follow and the crowd applaud both teams for a truly memorable game.

There are tears, deflation and elation.

Its host and writer will return to take you through another concoction of variety.

See you next time.

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