Sunday, 3 February 2013

A tasty tortilla of video game miscellany that mix nicely with others.

Again, this was difficult to decide upon but here they are.

I've gone a tad mad here and even if you don't agree, you'll appreciate insanity personified.

Unlike McDonalds, I'm loving it as I hope you will.

Tell your friends and wake the neighbours, this is seriously good shit of the sweetest smelling kind.

Turn on the lights, ignite the pixels and roll the camera.

The title of this at least sounds interesting.
This game was released in 1988, look at the art of our man for this overhead racing effort...
Mel Gibson playing the leading role as Mad Max Rockatansky in the classic road action movie franchise.  I think it's fairly obvious where the artist based his cover art on.

In principle, some similar sleeve art now.
This is example art for Mr Karate who first appeared as the alter ego of Takuma in SNK's Art of Fighting way back in 1992.

So here is in his original Neo Geo pixels.
This is a boss from Taito's long forgotten KiKi KaiKai released in 1986 displaying the same disguise...

More similar sleeve art again.

Okay, you could stick any woman in skimpy leopard skin but even so...

It also demonstrates that video game art was a lot more liberal in the 80's.

A pink rose... followed by,

Now what is this?  Seriously, what do you do see?

Is this supposed to look like a rose or is it a pair of cupped hands?  Whatever's meant here, it's clever.

Positioning and posture...

The first is related to Survivor whereas Survivor is a rip off of The Getaway.

What a lovely steal... (and spot).


A superb rip off of not only what is very famous art but also, of an iconic game.

Same console, stolen idea!

The content of both games infer Jeff Minter was surely smoking something illegal. 

A similar type of horned goat thing appears in the art for the 1990 port of an obscure 1989 Sega arcade.  This is not for shits and giggles because it's relevant to the game.

An Amiga game from 1990.  There was life way before Tomb Raider...
This is Benny the Cab from the very entertaining 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but what's this lurking below?

This was another Sega obscurity released in 1983.  I'm not buying that five years later Benny the Cab ripped this off.

These all play the same type game and frankly take the piss.

If you've heard of this game, well done but look at this dude with the beard.

Could he also be a dead ringer for Hugo Myatt who portrayed Treguard in the classic children's 1980's adventure series, Knightmare?


So the former wins the prize for being the most blatant rip off of any video game sleeve art (modern era or otherwise) ever.  Why did nobody sue Capcom's ass?

Oh, it's either because it's Capcom or nobody gave a shit.  The former is possibly a decent assumption.

That concludes the first dive and next time, we'll dive a bit deeper. 

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