Monday, 18 February 2013

In homage, spoof or parody - Opinion 1

I've done so much on what others have clearly ripped off so I think it's time to assign the benefit of the doubt tag.

The imagery are instantly recognisable and for good reason as it was to feed off the iconic and/or physical status by something that has long since become so famous, they couldn't hope to pass it off as their own idea.

Art, sporting professionals, comic book heroes, film, television, music, video games and miscellany will all feature.

I'll be going back a few years so if you're an eighties guy or gal, you'll appreciate it even more.

Of course, that doesn't mean to say that there won't be a nod towards to the present day.

A select few may well of sneaked the odd steal but that belongs to the minority.

Some random game from 1984. 
This police detective began life as a comic strip in the 1930s and made its way to the big screen in 1990 boasting a stellar cast including Warren Beaty, James Caan, Dustin Hoffman and even Madonna.

These are arguably the 'dodgy' ones that I'm not really sure about but what the hell, I'm feeling generous.  These metallic looking females were surely inspired by Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama's numerous sexy robots.  One of his efforts was also featured in 1994 Van Damme time travelling action yarn Timecop.

Using The Beatles in parody for this subtitle is mildly amusing.

Indiana Jones - the famous whip cracking archaeologist appears in a few guises.

This 1985 drug-fuelled violence was Monty Python inspired through and through.  It even had the now famous Sousa march as the in-game theme which was of course used for Monty Python's title music. 
Now look at the writing between this and Life of Brian...  Cross-referencing at its best.
'The Quest for the Holy Grail' is a curious choice as the film that it obviously wasn't based on was called Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
Anyway, at least the artist captured the resemblance of Graham Chapman and the killer rabbit...

Duke and the much more recent Orcs must be spoofing Ash and his Army of Darkness.

Contra was released for home systems as Gryzor to dispel any confusion that Konami cloned their own game.  Anyway, take a look at the guy on the right and compare it with Arnie's position below in classic 1987 action movie Predator.
Finally, switch your focus to the principal guy on the left and again, Arnie's stealthy approach.
To be fair, the artist did an admirable job...

Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Watson respectively.

Computer game design took their opportunity.

Personally though, Watson displayed on Murder on the Mississippi looks more like...

...Oliver Hardy

Dali's Persistence of Memory.
Indiana Jones - The Graphic Adventure (mash up)

Dangling Dolly and/or Surreal Neal appeared in cult sticker series Garbage Pail Kids.  Considering these were aimed at kids, most could be pretty sick.  It was a delicious way to take the piss out of the Cabbage Patch Dolls and many other famous works were parodied.  Due to the stringent censorship guidelines of today, I reckon most would be banned or require BBFC certification.
The Secret of Monkey Island (mash up)
Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night

Peter Sellers portraying Inspector Clouseau
Mr. T
Hulk Hogan
These appeared as alternative chars in Konami's scrolling brawler Vendetta, released in 1991.

So that concludes a delightful assortment that shames Bertie Bassett.

What do I have for you next?  Patience is a virtue...

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