Tuesday, 12 February 2013

CD Deja vu - Tea and/or Dinner

I'm adding generalisation, miscellany and 'the same principle' to ensure this smells wonderful, looks delicious and even without condiments, makes this meal the tastiest yet.

When necessary, I'll mention album by which artist and * will be used if its self-titled.

BTW, apols if some of the spaces between some are 'big' and/or 'unnatural' but this is beyond my control...

New Order - Get Ready

Very harsh I know...

Out of the three, I think BFL rips off Fleet Foxes the most.

I know there are a shed load of these really 'boring' album designs but these are the most similar I'm aware of.

This was a 1983 computer game developed for a few home systems available at the time.  Freaky shit I'm sure you'll agree...

Eels - Tomorrow Morning

The Horrors

You Could Have It So Much Better

Take away the 'tree' attached to the brain thing from the cover Pyramid Song single...

The History of Apple Pie
It's time to generalise peeps...

Foo Fighters*

The Music - The Music

The painting is by Winston Chmielinski, with
this effort by Jenny Saville
These are different but remain the same idea and probably pure coincidence.

Okay, Baxter Basics...

Biffy Clyro - Puzzle

Madness latest album just reminds me of this sleeve art by The Lemonheads.

Science & Faith

One meal and one further set left.  

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