Thursday, 14 February 2013

DVD Deja vu, it's nothing personal - Scene 7

It's back, Deja vu is back, deadlier and more dangerous than ever.

Let the excitement, [kick off]...

Maybe Buffy herself advised on such originality.

Same subject matter requires a fresher outlook.

Hmmm, who says packaging design is dead.

Now you have to say, out of everything I've shared with the world, why a lawsuit was not sent by super duper trouper delivery defies logic.

What an unusual steal.

Ah, The Open Door and oh my word.  This is embarrassingly bad, in fact I can't even believe it was supposed to be a sick joke because nothing can be this fucking BAD.  It's not just shit, it's beyond shit and this manure mountain must not be climbed, at any cost.

The expression 'it's that bad, it's good' need not apply as this is just something else.

I've had the misfortune to witness many shit storms in my tenure and this somehow deserves to rub shoulders with The House of the Dead and Jaws The Revenge.

Do yourself a huge favour and do not watch this film, even if curiosity overwhelms and threatens to pour molten lava down your throat as your DVD player will never forgive you.

This 'thing' has left a psychological scar that hasn't quite yet healed and I got rid, almost immediately.

'Terrifying' and 'A film all horror fans need to see' proves these so-called critics were paid a mint to talk out of his/her ass.

This is a 'scoop' that I will never 'digest'.


Back to it. He He!

Take a look at this unrelated trilogy...

Fear Island is relevant but And Soon the Darkness and The Baader Meinhof Complex?  Please don't get your eyes tested because you really are seeing double.

Same star, same pose.  Wait a mo, remember last time with The Family Man and Lord of War both starring Nicolas Cage?

A nice little obscurity.

The above is again related but wow, wrap your visual tackle around the below. 

What a fitting conclusion and remember, please heed that 'warning'.

Hard-Fi are Hard to Beat but I do enjoy a challenge.

The next set will taste more delicious than a chocolate smothered cappuccino.

You've got to admire how those responsible got away with such blatant bullshit?

Well they did, until some observant bastard grassed them up...

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