Wednesday, 20 March 2013

In homage, spoof or parody? Opinion 2

It appears that the hero of this Space Invaders clone was Dan Dare in a previous life.

Sometimes, the best parodies are made so obvious, proof isn't needed.  This is indeed one of those occasions...
A nice spoof of a famous album by The Velvet Underground & Nico.

A decent recreation of Kevin Costner as the infamous outlaw but The Village People moustache was simply unnecessary.

If this was from anybody else, it would be a clear rip off...
I've previously showed that Creatures 2 on C64 also parodied T2 by way of a logotastic intro.  This has its own idea...
(From left to right) Sick Boy, Renton, Spud and Begbie on their to a scag deal in London eventually worth £16,000...
I would definitely suggest this is also in homage to Abbey Road. 

This teeny bopper romance pokes fun at Disney's 1937 classic. 
What crime against humanity did this dude suffer to be condemned to the chair and more to the point, what about his face?
Yeah, it's the eccentric and brilliant Doc Brown from Back to the Future.
Hmmm, the cover's unquestionably green but I'm not sure about him... 
Whether you're a fan or not, Michael Jackson was and still is hugely popular.
Alternative artwork for an absolute classic which was originally a Spectrum game.
The teacher obviously looks nothing like the disciplinarian from the Bash Street Kids.
Ricky Gervais's live show Politics.
Che Guevara - who eventually became a famous revolutionary.

I wonder who this could be?
2000 AD's ultimate law enforcer should never be messed with.

I'm sure Arnie will never know...
I will conclude matters next time.

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