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Video games Lost in Translation - Granary

Hi, please stuck with me.  This is a far more expansive contributein and touching wood, I'm canfident you'll appreciate these even more than previos set so please take care and thinks of Carol.

Armored Warriors - Arcade

I think those that lead us to the haedquarter and believe this plase isn't safe deserve everything they get...

Bucky O'Hare - Arcade

At least Konami were consistent with their reluctance to use the space bar.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - Arcade If only his lab was 'gonna' explode, then they'd be in real danger...
 Dragon Spirit - Arcade The kingdom cloud needs jazzing up with joy after ultimatery restore peace.  What the fuck?
Grind Stormer - Arcade Right, the 'r' is in between the e and t and 'l' sits comfortably  between the k and : and/or ; key.  A cruel practical joke.
Last Duel: Inter Planet War 2012 - Arcade Things are derished and let's day our respect to Mu's courageous fighters.  I struggle to understand how they managed to spell courageous correctly...
Hell Fire - Mega Drive Missing out important words and letters ensuring a sentence didn't make sense was very important. 
Macross Plus - Arcade Now apart from some more curious space bar shyness, genral is not a word.
Mercs - Arcade This is a great mistake because Capcom are involved.  Huzah!  Did you spot it?  Please observe the word after 'official' and all will become clear.  Ha Ha!
Operation Wolf - Arcade

Not a great deal makes sense here.  30 Bullets Magazine?  Recovery 5 Damages? and (not  decrease bullet)?
I know what they meant but what they wrote ensures they didn't mean it quite enough.
Pollux - Arcade Whatever right, but if 'We' innocently preceded Congratulate You, it wouldn't be here.
Rezon - Arcade Some words forgot 'again'.
R-Type 2 - Arcade Whence means 'from a previous source' but whice?  Oh, Weiss was a code cracking char in 1987 movie The Running Man.
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge - One letter again SNK, one consonant...
Sky Soldiers - Arcade Whoah, in your face or what?
Vapor Trail - Arcade Bear with me, just checking this with Bully, I can offer it... 
Xexex - Arcade No film or game will ever be directored by anything other than an illiterate alien from a dimension without access to a dictionary. 
Avengers Galactic Storm - Arcade This is more than desperate, it's really desparate to find chandilar that exists in Marvel or any other universe.
Aero Fighters 2 - Arcade The font choice is terrible but I know what's worse.
Best of Best - Arcade Than who is it against?  Oh my shit.
Biomechanical Toy - Arcade No, SCRUBBY has escaped.
Blood Warrior - Arcade Congratulation to Programer and all those concerned.
Captain Commando - Arcade The letter 'd' has never been missed so much.
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom - Arcade

A word of advice to all budding detectives, always suggest to investigate a crime rather than what Capcom suggest... 
This is brilliant - an anagram of holy buried within.
Dead Connection - Arcade

What?  The Godfather he is not.
Another wonderful addition.  If bullshit must exist, make sure it doesn't leave most with a head shake.  Most cars screech to a halt but obviously not here.
Denaris - C64 Now this is funny.  Acardes and an assumed parody of Dolby Stereo?
Dragon Saber - Arcade Forget this, just flush it down the fucking toilet.
Dragon Breed - Arcade The legned has disgraced itself.
Eco Fighters - Arcade

Grammatical errors can't cower behind the curtain forever
Speaking words of wisdom, let it 'be'.
Gaia Crusaders - Arcade

We defeated the evil Satan.  Oh well!
Yeah, your choice.  Is it going to be a Tecmo fighting franchise or this?
Eles???  Oh I'm past caring.
Galmedes - Arcade Rewind to Grind Stormer and the qwerty epidemic has now spread to Visco 'with glad smile'.  Incredible stuff!
Fatal Fury 2 - Arcade SNK couldn't conquer the world but they did conqer it in 1992. 
Ghosts'n Goblins - Arcade

I don't need strength, I have strongth.
Please believe that all fairy tales have happy end. 
Heavy Unit - Arcade Kaneko are clearly cruesing for a bruising.
Kenseiden - Master System Thou have learnt to spell with his ass.
Lethal Thunder - Arcade Hitting the space bar would help but regardless, Thank You For Your Playing dosen't ring my bell.
Megablast - Arcade A few words are good at hide and seek... 
Knuckle Bash - Arcade Pass me the vodka.
Ninja Masters - Arcade Whatever Trevor!
Night Slashers - Arcade

Will my friends... what would... hey what happened (to the vowel usage)
This baddie shouldn't boast about having an indestructable body. 
Plus Alpha - Arcade Now I know why I failed at making a career out of photography.  Damn this game all the way to my dictionary.
Out Zone - Arcade Destroy all of them.  Prettyclear !!
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - Arcade This is a trademark How to Play sequence in a fantastic entry to SNK's seminal franchise.  There are two mistakes (in the second sentence).
Robocop 2 - Arcade

A little insurance policy called Directive 4, Dick Jones's contribution to Murphy's psychological profile.  Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP, results in shutdown.  However, that was 'Classified'. 
This is frustrating because it's nearly right...
Words been absent proves important again.
Rygar - Arcade This is guilty of apostrophe placement and use, together with curious bullshit aplenty.
Saint Dragon - Arcade Oh my word, WHO...THE...FUCK... IS "WEE"???
Superman - Gameboy You can't beat a good old fashioned spelling error.
Vendetta - Arcade I'll say it again, thank you for your playing does not make sense.
Silver Millennium - Arcade Human is frequent nonsense strewn by toilet interruptions ejected from elderly cow.

It can get worse and Planet Laughter will land with a chuckle and giggle.

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