Thursday, 7 March 2013

Titles, taglines, subtitles and miscellany - Encore

I enjoyed compiling the first and as I have bucket loads more, why not continue the trend.

Admittedly, a select few have been lifted from variety but it's all good.

The bath has been run so let's add the bubbles.

Self explanatory.

No matter what you think of Wes Craven's debut, it's got a great tagline.

It's therefore strange that the remake was given a slightly different selling point.  Why?

Two films with similar ideas in both 'tagwords' and story.

This relatively early effort from I am Kloot came out in 2005.

This film was released in 1998.

Fear Thy Neighbour... and years earlier, a variation exists via a television show.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is a charmless and tacky effort.

At least this has meaning with Christopher Walken portraying the Headless Horseman.

Take a look at this.  Okay, now look below.

A tagline and album variation made in heaven right?

The film is better than the tagline 'There's nobody to hear you scream'.  Whether it was done on purpose or not, it's Alien all over again.

The premise of Arnie vs Satan is obviously a ridiculous idea.

So the former is an identical titled album and Dum Dum Girls have reached the End of Daze.

 Unless you already knew, this debut album is called 180.

So it's particularly great that without the above album title choice, I couldn't link it to this 1986 game.  Thanks a bunch Palma Violets.

The similarities are there for all to see.

No link here but no matter how many times you read this tagline back, it doesn't make sense.  "Can we help put you out of your misery?"  Surely it would be better revised as "Can we help to put you out of your misery?" or "Can we help by putting you out of misery?"

More shenanigans from Arnie. 
Looks like a bit of a mess but this is Eraser by No Age.  Smashing stuff.

Tagline (again)  
Wow, whatever it is, it's back again.

This is when I start to make things even tastier.

I've showed you this previously only this time, it has company.

Same. Same. Terror.
 This is very important to the following.

 The title of the above exists as an earlier tagline and...

...this film goes in the opposite direction.

In the right hands, two words can be cleverly referenced.  Let me show yer'.

I conclude with these.

Overboard?  Oh, there's not an app for that but I can more than make up for it...

A 1987 enjoyable romcom.

Well looky what we have here.  A 1997 video game.

The tank is empty for now but that can easily be refueled...

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