Tuesday, 22 January 2013

CD Deja vu - Breakfast

Taking a break from DVD's, it's time to tuck in to my learned friend.

You'll know some, some you probably won't know and those that you'll know now will make you glad that you gave this a click.

Remember what counts - layout, idea and positioning of whatever are all important factors.

Just like DVDs, I decided to a certain extent, not to generalise.

It's the same principle - rip(s) first, original last.

This is purely my opinion, it's not concrete, nor is it etched in stone.

Enough burble, let the CD's roll.

Mika has the similar art and colour scheme when comparing it to Maroon 5 but look at the chars in Foster the People.  Signed, sealed and delivered rip off.

I just shoved this Only Fools heavily 'edited' boxset for pumped up kicks.

Look at how similar the new Rihanna album is when comparing it to Russian Roulette.  I would suggest the admission of guilt is replacing words instead of barbed wire to escape the previous accusation... 

Please separate the next two from the former.

No Doubt - Push and Shove 
Travis - 13 Memories
It's not just the four boxes, the colour scheme does it for me.


One, two, three

 Whose going Gaga for that cover now?

There are four meals that can be enjoyed in the average day because I know you're just salivating for more. 

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