Sunday, 27 January 2013

Some very lazy sleeve art

It's another round and it appears I'm getting lethargic and sloth like.

It's not my fault as the contagious nature of those that I've compiled appear to care about originality as much as most do with yesterday's chip paper.

The excuse of been 'part of the same series and/or thing' doesn't wash as something other than what they chose would be better than what they actually chose.

After seeing these, even a Street Fighter II update seems innovative.

This list isn't exhaustive.

So let me briefly analyse the 'next' of each.

Alien Breed II changes colours.

Our man from Fat Boy Slim sticks on a pair of angel wings with a different background.

I purposely ignored the original From Dusk Till Dawn so the third swaps actors with some more bats coming from the bar.

The only thing distinguishing Kane 2 from Kane is the '2'.

Zombie Flesh Eaters doesn't fare much better either...

Hellraiser III changes the background whereas Hellbound: Hellraiser II was quite different from the original.

Rick Dangerous has a slight attempt with scenery and dresses but retains the identical layout.

Undead Nightmare is absolutely pathetic.

Emerald Mine was infected with the same disease as Kane 2.

Super Turrican uses a cut-down form of the cover art that was used for the original C64 game and its unique sequel keeps Turrican but with flames.  The identically named NES version also retained the same art but had different levels.

Ian Brown used his 'original' discretion.

The Beatles is slightly understandable but no less annoying.  The Blue album (1967-1970) was the same but with longer mullets.

So all in all, Rick Dangerous 2 made the most effort...

Commendable?  Not really.

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