Saturday, 19 January 2013

Generalising CD Deja vu Ud 20/01/13

I couldn't let CD art escape from my Beady Eye, btw Liam, not a bad effort as there is life after Oasis.

I'll start as I did with DVD with art that uses the same idea.  Some CD's are shy to state artist and title so I'll mention those that don't for a referencing perspective.

These will be closely followed by those guilty of much worse...

Austra - Feel it Break

The Chemical Brothers - Brotherhood

Hair (I don't know the album title)

Just for shits and giggles as I thought it was relevant...

A still from SNK's sequel to Savage Reign, the strangely named Kizuna Encounter.

Okay, Thirty Seconds is a tiger and the rest are lions but it's still a big cat, right?

The rest are desperate to be named and shamed and will be brought to justice next time. 

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