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Titles, taglines, subtitles and miscellany. Ud 25/08/13

A tagline is a useful mammal as it can make a decidedly average movie sound better than it actually is.  It's inherently used to signify and/or describe something and the good ones become iconic and famous.

Titles, subtitles and other shit can reap some fantastic rewards.

As with everything from me, I will make it a bit different.

So this shit is called Kung Fu with the subtitle of  'The Way of the Exploding Fist' but  it's cool, because its subtitle is actually a 1985 game.  Trust me, they knew.

So take away 'at 30-000 feet' you're left with one of the most famous taglines in silver screen history.

This is just plane stupid because in this, we're also at 30,000 feet...
Two films, two identical taglines.

This tagline is also a Manic Street Preachers album.

Freaky shit right?  Another fact is that the above tagline and/or album title is also a track by Rage Against the Machine.

'Evil never dies' and earlier... 
'Love never dies'.  Terrible!

Now I'm starting to get annoyed...

It's absolutely unbelievable.

Although that can't be beaten, this is my favourite.

'The lucky ones died in the blast' sounds surprisingly good for this post apocalyptic thriller.  What a crying bloody shame it's a total rip off of Wes Craven's 1977 directorial debut...

Hmmm, this tagline is a variation on an inoffensive Ray Winstone crime comedy, which also starred Denise van Outen.

Lights. Camera. Death.  Needless cheese with more corn than a certain field.
The original Hellraiser is a brilliant 1987 Clive Barker horror yarn but every sequel deserved to be sent straight to hell.  This subtitle exists in a totally different series... 

You may know it as The New Generation and, 
this PSP entry finishes this off nicely.
No matter how you clothe this up, 'shoot the dead' is appallingly tacky.
A variation on that appalling tagline was the title of this forgettable DS zombie shmup.  It was released in Blighty as Dead 'n' Furious.

Amusingly rude but relevant.  This is an original 'nothing much happens' horror film and worth a watch.  If you're expecting action and bloody violence, you will be disappointed.

This yawn fest is even ruder...
It's not a remake.  It's not a sequel and it's not based on a Japanese one.  I think this just about sums up the power and respect that should be afforded to world cinema.
This is where a tagline masks a bomb of a film...
Sea evil is almost as awful as some asshole's comment.
This tagline starts as a horror franchise and if the next wrong was right, the rest would be a 2008 film.

The poster for Gilliam's 1995 sci-fi tale starring Bruce Willis

The debut album from the above band was released in 2002.

The famous and clever tagline for the Neo Geo.

The Future Is Now is also a track by The Offspring from album Days Go By.

I've already mentioned this previously but not in a visual sense.  It's still great though.

The second movie adaptation (and hopefully the last), of Sega's lightgun franchise.

This was far better than both Survivor games put together.

Ha ha ha, ho ho ho and he he he.

Where can I start with some of the shit that is churned out by those hoping to cash in on iconic horror franchises.

The tagline(s) and subtitle are amazingly atrocious.  Trevor Vs. Jason (there is of course Freddy vs. Jason as a horror crossover) and scream if you wanna die faster.  Scream If You Wanna Go Faster is an album and title track by Geri Halliwell.

The asshole of Bloody Murder 2 also nicked the killer's weapon from mediocre franchise I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Th End is Near, on various occasions...

Incredibly, this tagline also exists as a...

subtitle for this film.

To finish up, any munchkin will notice that if it wasn't for the unsubtle 'crossed out' word, this would be the same tagline, again... 

In theory, this sounds like a great movie and I'm going to find out if I'm right with the Mrs.  Anyway, it has a tacky but decent tagline and it also shares something in common with another type of romance.

It's identical to the final sentence of this poster's attempted selling point.  What a spot right?

Just to add one more, look at this tagline.

In 1972, this effort came from The Rolling Stones and... you can clearly see, a different but similar sounding album title variation.

It's Resident Evil vs Dracula again...

Very similar stuff again and concludes this set.

I hope this journey has opened a few eyes.

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