Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pimped out cover art Ud 19/10/13

Taking a very slight break from familiar territory, this is indeed a type of deja vu but not as you know it.

What you are about to see is either incredulous, coincidence or just darn right laziness.  These could easily be confused with rip offs but trust me, this is is a totally different beast because everything you are see is completely unrelated.

You can call this shit whatever you want but no matter how you dress it up, there are no excuses by those responsible and it's a sight for interested eyes.

Totally unique, virtually unbelievable and all for your viewing pleasure.

For returning viewers, please look to * for even more.  For debutantes, just sit back and scroll.

The blonde guy with the machine gun left TAD for Taito...

The calm,

The chaos, and

the commotion.

And now ladies and gentleman, my personal best...

Some may have seen the decent social network thriller Panic Button but take a very close look at its DVD cover art.

At first glance, this has no connection but what's that towards the middle bottom left?

Here's a special close up...

Yes it's that screaming woman again.

Holy shit, can this bitch do it again?  No she can't, yes she can.

Completely random but check out DVD and book anthology.  Peek a boo.

Out of the five stars featured here, look at the guy who, thanks to perspective, stands tallest and foremost.
What craziness is going on here? 

Such a coincidence is beyond fathoming.

This is arguably even worse as the screaming skinhead is hoping that his influence should persuade others to join his noise pollution.

Danny Greene (Ray Stevenson) and is holler was obviously the key in making him famous for been 'the man the mob couldn't kill'.  After you've picked up your trailing jaw, please move on...

To make my case feel even more watertight, the 'same' guy is also doing the same thing only with a different firearm.

Vengeance Day contains the key to something rather more doolally.

So boys and girls, look at that shouting face and then dive below...

Now what about that?  Total insanity.

Wow, can you take more?  Well, I hope so as you have little choice...

Four covers, four identical images and two acts of further lethargy. 

This entry may deserve to rot but its most interesting aspect is the Emmerdale connection as Dominic Brunt directs and stars.  Never mind about that though, the main zombie unzipped stands out for a reason that you won't expect.

He's blatantly decaying here too.  He is yer' know, I'm not bullshitting you.

The back art of newly released bilge Portrait of a Zombie has something to say...

Don't groan, just be amazed.

Now this is my favourite as it's so wacko, it's noodle doodle, it's [etc etc]...

This is the DVD back art and presumably, the same exists on the Blu Ray edition of the impressive and popular horror anthology V/H/S.  Of course, you are looking at the edited guts...

Ignoring the outer four that occupy the same space either side of synopsis and counting from left to right, the sixth television screen is represented by a face in agony.

It may not leave you breathless but having said that, The Last Man was blown away.

That even manages to kick Panic Button and that sneaky screaming woman's ass.

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